Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My newest @ComChristianity article talking about time

Time Is It On Gods Side

I want to leave you with something simple today.

I had the privilege to take the kids in my Children's church to kids camp this year. I guess that is one good thing being unemployed has offered me. I have been able to fully focus my efforts in other directions that I was limited to do with another full time job on top of Children's pastor duties and even fatherly duties.

I brought two boys and one girl. One, of each of those, were my own children. My daughter still had her freedoms with girls from another ministry that was willing to let her join them for the week. My son and I did well as he is six and needed a bit of a "helping hand" throughout the week. The other young man I had with me is an interesting kid. Much of what you would expect from a 9 year old boy. One thing that occurred during this past week was something the Lord spoken through me to this young man. The third night of the camp we were in chapel service and this young man asked me multiple times this question: "What time is it?" You see... after chapel they open up the rec area. This has snack foods and plenty of games. He lived for that time, as well as the boys pool time. It is all he wanted to do.

I was getting fed up with the time question and finally turned to him and gave him a definitive answer. "The time does not matter" He soaked that in and then, with a quizzical look upon his face asked this: "Why does it not matter what time it is?" To be honest my first thought was extreme irritation, but I was well versed in the "whys" of childhood. I have four children and one of them is three at this time. The prime "Why?" age. I thought of the question and looked up at the front of the sanctuary where several kids were focused on God. Worshiping in spirit and truth. I then knew what the right answer was.

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