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Luke Martens/Rob Meade - Wrestling With Angels (Free Music, Review) @LukeMartens @noisetrade #alternative #folkrock

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For Fans of :  Jars of Clay, Radiohead, Wilco

I must first state this - There is a two songs sampler of the album on noisetrade - you can also listen to the other songs via the website listed below.  I obtained the full album from Luke Martens for the purpose of writing a full review, the opinions that I give are my own. 

Overall Thoughts:

As you will be able to tell as you read the individual song reviews below.. I really enjoyed this album.. A pop rock feel.. but really very different and I attribute this to the vocals.. He has a very different sound.. maybe something like older rock.. or pop.. but anyway.. it was the messages (depth and meaning..)  that really and truly make the music here shine.. great stuff here.. do NOT  pass it up!! 

I have added this to my favorites

Recording Thoughts:

Very Good ... Professional

Review For Each Song: (Scale is 1 to 5 .. 5 being best)

5 "I Can't Win" in the sampler above - Immediately like the guitar.. and the progression of instruments is nice.. I liked the slow start to the 'power' feel as it goes.. then it seems to ebb and flow with it.. very nice. (this may very well be the first song to ever make me look up a word (besetting) ) The message here is wonderful! Coming to the realization that we are in this battle with sin.. and cannot win.. who to turn to?  CHRIST! .. then ending with the soft acoustic .. oh yeah!  nice touch!!

5 "Whatever" in the sampler above - The message grabbed me first here - The call for accountability in ones own life.. if we could do this.. freely at any moment.. I am certain that this world would truly be a better place! I honestly thought that with a title like "whatever" this was going to be a bit negative.. due to the teenage "Whatever!" attitude,, but this was encouraging and hard seeking of the Lord! "Whatever it takes - take me with you!" "I'm not gonna make it on my own" 

5 "Casualties of War" - I think the biggest and hardest thing to do as a person.. as a sinner turned 'saint' is to learn how to 'give up' properly.. how to give to God.. when you don't do it right.. when you grasp hard onto the hardship and hurts .. you become a "Casualty" ... learning to give that fight to God.. and doing it right.. it makes it so much better.. and you don't beat yourself up so much.. (this reminds me a lot of a song I listened to over and over and over when I was younger - "tug of war" by Thread - here is an obscure review of that album )

5 "Rescued" - This song may have solidified my idea on the vocals that I talked about at the top of this post.. I think he has vocals like the beetles.. or the monkees.. (btw.. the vocals are really given center point in this song.. and I very much like it) While I do also like this song.. and the message it has.. it may be one of the least liked of mine.. I think it is because it felt as if the message was told.. and the song just kept going.. odd.. but .. how I felt near the end of the song.

4 "Don't Go To Sleep" - Another vocally strong song.  I liked the artistic and scene painting lyrics.  Very soft spoken.. I am not exactly sure if this song is directed to a specific person, a lover, or.. even God.  Not that with what this is about.. it really matters.. I do like the song, but the message does not capture me as much as it might one who is in this position in their life.. I could see this being a very encouraging and helpful message to certain people. 

3 "Something To Say" - This leans more to the rock sound.. it actually has moments that seem a bit odd.. vocally.. mixing with the music.. To be honest.. it may have to be something that I would get used to in the music.. because I can tell that it really does not sound 'wrong'.. necessarily.. just.. odd to me.. 

4 "Grace" - Again.. love the strings in the beginning .. starting in the darkness.. moving into the hope.. and the majesty of "Grace" that is the gift that God gives through His son! "When you look in my direction .. see your Son instead of me" beautiful wording!  (we also just talked about that with our Children's Church) 

3 "Carbon Copy" - A old style rock feel.. heavy on the drums.. This is more of  a standard type song.. light feel to it .. not extremely deep .. but still a good and clear message... Maybe an Ecclesiastes idea with Christ as the focal point.. knowing that He makes all things have a true and pure point.. ok.. maybe a little deep.. lol

3 "Promise Land" - This oddly had a country feel to it.. seems a bit misplaced in the album.. but it still holds the basic feel of the rest due to the vocals and the message ... I did like the message .. The hope for the almighty in the future.. our belonging to another world.. 

5 "Bring Me Back" - Great pace with this one.. and the passion in the vocals are really ear grabbing.. and as well grabbing of the 'heart strings'.. at least mine.. it really gets my mindset into this thought.. coming back.. being brought back.. and realizing the bad of the past.. and the hope of the future.. 

5 "What Kind of Love" - A pop.. and almost worship feel to this one.. really looking at Christ and what He did for us.. the total misunderstanding that we have of what 'love' can and is suppose to be.. look to Christ and you will as yourself this question "What Kind of Love is this?"  .. "It makes no sense to me" 

5 "The Dissatisfied Kind" - I thought I was not going to like this song as it started, but as the message began to unfold .. and the music opened up.. I realized that this was a genius message.. such a great gripping of the human spirit of Id .. to want "I" .. to want more to look at us and say .. "He/She is cool" or .. to have more money to show for that .. but really what is important?  .. what is the problem.. we need the 'Greatest Relief" instead.. give all that other junk up .. and look to Christ!!! 
take a listen ... get a download.. and TIP!!! 

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  1. Luke Martens is so talented. What a pity he hasn't yet been discovered by other discerning listeners. When it boils down to it, people have to hear something to respond and getting it out there is not easy. I pray someone will want to promote it. He deserves some appreciation.