Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Daughter's Heart (Blurb)

I must say, I am quite impressed by my daughter, for many reasons.

She has done very well in Softball her first year playing, honestly way better than I imagined when we started.  

This is one of her first big hits, and she only got better from there!

She has been in dance for years, and truly has a wonderful grace (hmm.. ) in her movements, as well a creative mind for choreography! 

One of her dance teachers said this about her. (pictured with Kyley above)

She came up with this dance pretty much all by herself!

She has created some wonderful works of art over the years, and recently has begun to create jewelry!

If she has free time, she is much like me, and would rather be doing something instead of being 'bored'.  

So while in the store looking for a case for her collection (of DC figurines) we came upon a set of beads inside what could very well be the perfect display case.  She looked at it and we discussed the price being worth it due to the fact all parts would be used and enjoyed.   

Not long after getting into it Kyley revealed her idea.  She decided to make bracelets and necklaces and charge 1.00 a piece for them to help support the kids going to camp.  

We have a bunch of kids who want to go to camp and their families do not quite have the funds to make such a thing happen.  We did not want to turn anyone down so we are doing what we can to raise support for them to go.

Kyley noticed this, knowing of the yard sale idea (which was Saturday May 25th @Lakewood), and took it upon herself to take what she had been given and instead of just covering herself from head to toe in custom Kyley made jewelery - she would turn that into funds to help others have fun and learn about Jesus at camp!

I can only hope she will always have such a selfless attitude. Our talents were never meant to be something we keep hidden, or adorn ourselves with.  

They are meant to bless others!  

Whether it is the purchaser, or the one who receives the funds - in this case for certain, Kyley will be a blessing to many. 

There is not much else she could do that would make me more proud then this seemingly small action does! 

She is wonderful! 


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