Elijah Franklin Jordan (My Turtle)

Hebrew meaning "The Lord Is My God"

From the Middle English meaning "Free Landholder"

Hebrew in origin meaning "down-flowing" or "descending"

He is our man of God descending into the land of the free!!


Why a turtle - no ... not because of Franklin the turtle, but instead because when he was a baby he liked to move his neck in and out looking just like a turtle!!

He is a tough boy,  handsome, and probably going to be so much more awesome than me


Here are a few things that he would like "the world" to know :

He likes to play games (Xbox -  Wii, preferring toy story and any Mario game)

He likes to 'bounce' around (he uses this word instead of jump)

He likes to play on the splash pad

He likes to wear backpacks

He likes to play with his army men

He likes to pray (and insists that we MUST ALWAYS PRAY FOR JESUS)

He likes to kiss his brother Asher

He likes to eat yogurt