Monday, June 24, 2013

What dErK taught on tonight ... if you missed out (UNVEILED, 06-21-13)

Lesson taught by dErK, notes taken by Savy
 2 kings 5
v 1: Namaan was doing well, but suffered and affliction.
When was a time that you were doing what God wanted and yet suffered an affliction? Or were you afflicted and felt convicted about whether you were doing right?
v 2-3: God gave Namaan this little girl to show him a way, or a new perspective
When has God put someone in your life for such a reason? Have you ever found the way through an unexpected source?
Or have you ever not looked for the perspective when help was right in front of you? Such as doing things on your own instead of asking all the people who would love to help you?
v 4-7: guys send a letter asking the king to fix the leprosy. king who receives it says "what am I supposed to do?"
We assume those over or better than us can fix all our problems. When have you looked to a person rather than God for help? When were you the one with no answers?

The Bible is very clear on what to do in every situation. James 5 says to PRAY. at all times. in all situations. Hard times, good times, etc. PRAY. dont just go to other men.

v 8-11: Namaan was disappointed by the outcome. 
When has God not met OUR expectations? We have the audacity to know how God should do his wonders. We just need to come to him and lay ourselves down and obey. Its not about us or men. 
v 12-14: Namaan is trying to think logically or trying to do what will make him look great. We feel like we have to control the situation because we are so smart and so special, butGod just says come to the river. 
We as believers have the same capability (through God, NOT ourselves) as the prophets of old. A man of God is never wrong. "He bats a thousand."

v 15-19: Namaan started with a payment and tried to leave by making a payment. We always feel like we have to earn what we've been given.

v 20-27
 G was greedy and lies about it, so he is punished.


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