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Ethnicity - The Moonlit Sunrise (Free Music, Review) @RyanVegh @Noisetrade #indie #acoustic

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For Fans of :  Derek Webb, Newsboys, Alanis Morissette, Gungor, David Crowder

14 Song Album

Overall Thoughts:

Really good Christian messages..(sometimes hard to follow) mostly hard rock.. sometimes the music seems really odd.. and even the vocals seem this way.. but in a crazy way.. they actually sound interesting enough to keep me listening.. maybe not something I could like every time it came up.. but something interesting to be certain.. or depending on perception... weird.. 

There are also some Kevin Max moments of spoken word.. that tell a story.. to be honest.. these were pretty much my favorite a parts.. (so easy to understand what was being portrayed)

Recording Thoughts:

Good ... Semi-Professional

Stand Outs:

"Second Chances" - The more 'normal' song on the album... At the end of this song there were some very dissonant notes.. odd for the energy and sound of the song before that .. (IT DOES fit with the rest of the album.. though) 

"People Are People" - the almost rap.. at the 2 minute mark.. was pretty cool! 

"Devil Battle" - this was a pretty cool one.. I liked the message/story of it.. pretty rockin! 

"Blazing Light of God" - may be my favorite on the album.. a pretty cool mixture of actually singing.. and what is all over the album.. but the message is sweet.. very .. epic.. 

"Walking IN The Garden" - cool little.. song story from the viewpoint of Adam.. and Eve.. during the fall.. pretty cool.. 

"Sweet Chaos" - .. yes.. yes.. chaos.. that is what it is.. but the message as well.. I think it kind of captures this feeling.. that he is 'singing' about.. to not feel the need of God.. but then going to accepting.. and then getting into that place to grow closer to God.. and wanting to be closer and closer .. 

take a listen ... get a download.. and TIP!!! 

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