Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cody Flesher - The Protected Shall Never Know (Free Music, Review) @cody_flesher @Noisetrade #songwriter

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For Fans of :     Pillar, Newsboys, Josh Groban

12 Songs

Overall Thoughts:

A rock.. slightly hard.. seriously mixed genres.. but as well very much focused on Christ and God ..and then.. some are not...  I like the fresh feel of each song as you seem to travel from one genre type to another

Recording Thoughts:

Pretty Good ... Semi-Professional

Stand Outs:

"Lord of The Dance" - an interesting song about Christ and His joy in doing His fathers work.. it is pretty cool sounding as well

"A King" - reggae .. Messiah virgin birth.. very interesting.. I like the flair.. a very cool way to tell the tale

"With These Lines' - what I call spoken word.. but it is kind of like rap.. and as well a surreal.. almost ambient feel.. 

"Our Little Song" - this reminds me a bit of Kevin Max ..

"Battle Cry" - very awesome rocking song.. totally cool message .. brought forth in a very cool way.. so honest and true

"From Me" - much more of a worship feel.. and as well message.. 

"Deep Deep Down" - I really liked the energy in this.. much more like an old rocking hymn.. not sure what it may be called.. gospel .. something like that .. 

"Screaming In Silence" - alternative rock .. a pretty good entertaining beat.. 

take a listen ... get a download.. and TIP!!! 

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