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Murk "P31"

Murk P31 cover

Overall Thoughts

This album has a bit of a modern rap style. The messages are pulling women from being objects and about what is seen to deeper. To what God sees within. This is a good message for all, really. We cannot look on the outside. We cannot make ourselves be about what is seen, but instead what is within. What are our actions? Those speak heavily as well. 

Recording Thoughts - 7/10

Individual Song Thoughts

So Beautiful (4/5) - Creative.. lyrics that fit well to pull around the idea that what is outside is not what should be so important. A simple and enjoyable beat. Kind of an odd way to be able to rap like the world raps, but to turn it all on its head. Really throws you for a loop. Catching it at the wrong time would make you think it was the same trash that is "out there". A good message though. 

All I Ever Wanted (3/5) - Slightly.. VERY VERY slightly dissonant piano that flows perfectly.. odd.. sounding.. but it was just right to fit into a rap feel. I didn't really like the "chorus". The story is a but hard to get through. the rough idea that we can think someone is "all we need". Of course.. it is not true and that is really what this song is about. Life is not that "easy". Turn to the Lord... understand your own failings... your need for Him. 

True Story (4/5) - Great piano work again.. The story of a hard life going up. How can you trust what was believed to have never been there for you before. If you are the only one you can trust... wow... Powerful message. Kind of runs back into the previous song. How long will we continue looking for what is in the world to fill us? This really captures the idea we need our Saviour in our lives. Wow.. .the hard truth of the high brow that the church can have is a powerful point as well. Interestingly as well is the fact that we can just THINK this and it keeps us from the Church Body no matter how "good" it may be... That is what we get for having a focus on man. It will fail.

Royalty Excerpt - A spoken word. A sermon, really. Geared towards women/girls. Peels back the lies we choose to believe about ourselves and opens ones eyes to the adoption into the family of God that makes us Princes and Princesses to the King of Kings. A pretty good explanation and I think it could be something that can really encourage others. 

Royalty (3/5) - The rap/song that captures the idea above. Good message, still. The "strutting".. I get.. but on the other hand it kind of belittles the idea of being humble in God. There is a thin line to tread in these ideas. We NEED to know our importance to God, but also to remember that we never earned this. It is powerful reguardless. 

P31 (4/5) - Drops some pretty heavy bass. Again the uplifting of the heart with the encouragements that God has taken us in. That He sees us so well. A good call for women and attitude. Still.. I would like to remind of the "thin line" this can take, but man... if we can see ourselves the way God does. To see our potential and run hard after what God wants for us. So, so, so much BETTER! 

Album & Information Links

Murk "P31"
Dedicated Music Group
March 31, 2015

Included in EPK link below.

P31 track listing
1. So Beautiful
2. All I Ever Wanted
3. True Story
4. Royalty excerpt
5. Royalty
6. P31

Produced by Mr Del

Twitter: @murkp31
Instagram: Murkp31
Press Contact
Josh Niemyjski

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