Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tongues Of Fire - What Heaven Sounds Like (Free Music, Review) @Noisetrade #hiphop #Rap

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For Fans of :     Lecrae, Ruslan, Shai Linne, Kirk Franklin

13 Songs

Overall Thoughts:

Totally impressive Christian rap ... techno .. pop .. mixed music.. catchy and easy to enjoy Christ centered lyrics .. these were all recorded at a pretty high level so they are a good bit louder than most songs .. I had to turn down my player even more than normal in order to listen.

Recording Thoughts:

Pretty Good ... Professional 

Stand Outs:

"Prodigals" & "King of Glory" & "Rock With You"- my favorites on the album.. everything mixes together very smoothly.. message.. beat... very slick

"Let Go" - getting rid of the flesh and the things that are all of ourselves.. in order to take in the things of God

"Raise Your Weapon" - A very sweet call to arms for God.. As well an awesome desire to want to speak the word of God! 

"Unanswered Prayer" - this is an interesting song.. a hard lesson, but biblical truth for certain.. 

"Last Days" - I have  not heard many songs that deal with Revelation and the 'last days' but this is a pretty interesting listen.. 

"Call Me" - very heavy in biblical lyrics

take a listen ... get a download.. and TIP!!! 




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