Friday, May 24, 2013

What Mel taught on tonight ... if you missed out! (UNVEILED, 05-24-13)

lesson taught by Mel, notes taken by dErK

2 Kings 2
yes I know... be quiet
We see another moment where they crossed on dried ground via towel smack (yes.. joking - but visually it seems this was the case)
Elisha is so amazing to stand by Elijah as he does
Has there ever been anyone in your life that you just felt you needed to be with them and learn from them? 
Have you ever had someone look to you this way?
We see the promise of Elisha's double portion comes only be seeing Elijah's 'going up' ... He needed to persevere
By this time period.. Elisah was almost only just asking for acceptance to being a 'son' of Elijah.. to inherit that .. nothing material.. just this acceptance.. and 'adoption'


Why is it important to let others sow into our lives?

We must be humble first.. understand that another knows more.. that another has the experience that can help and encourage you
We also discussed moments in time as a leader where we need to understand how to properly lead another person into leadership.. there is a 'thin line' to taking over and encouraging
Have you ever lost a mentor... or mentored someone that left? 

There were many times that God insured that there was someone before to prepare others .. Elizabeth to Mary... John to Jesus... Moses to Joshua


All she bears aside ... it is important to note that Elisha had a moment of grief.. and then he is done.. he moves on continuing the work of Elijah

Would it have been easy for him to just quit because Elijah was now gone?

His grief is so true and honest.. very inspiring! 

It is ok to be REAL with God!

What kind of mentor are you?

Are you leaving a lasting impact on your pupils?

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