Friday, January 4, 2013

What Peden taught on tonight ... if you missed out! (UNVEILED)

Lesson taught by Peeeeeden, notes by Savy

We interrupt these notes to bring you an  important announcement from Brittani... and crying... and now we're done. 
Solomon has just finished building, decorating, and dedicating the temple. and it wasn't even Christmas. :P
verses 9:3-9
The Lord's Response
He repeats the promise of David's line, for the Savior. There is a condition: solomon must obey the commandments. There is a clear outline of what to do and what happens when you don't do it. 

verses 9:10-14
Solomon's other activities
Hiram: gave him the raw materials for the temple
Cabul: worthless land. 

Pharaoh's Daughter given to Solomon as a wife. Partnership between Egypt and Israel.(foreshadowing?)

Have you ever been in a situation where the Lord has promised something to us and then set out clearly what we have to do to maintain that?

I Kings 9:4-5 "As for you, if you walk before Me as your father David walked, with a heart of integrity and in what is right, doing everything I have commanded you, and if you keep My statutes and ordinances, I will establish your royal throne over Israel forever, as I promised your father David: You will never fail to have a man on the throne of Israel."
What goal does God have for you day to day?
How do you respond when a black and white situation is set before you? Is it easy to choose what is clearly right?
What about when the instructions aren't so cut and dry? What about when we start off in the wrong direction and the situation gets all muddy? You have to rip everything out and start over.  



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