Friday, February 1, 2013

What Peden taught on tonight ... If you missed out! (UNVEILED 02/01/13)

Lesson taught by Peden, notes taken by Savy
"As I stand and sing your praise, wont you come and fill this place."
1 Kings 11 

verses 1-3: Solomon was disobeying a direct order from God. And sure enough, his heart was turned away, exactly as God said it would be. Solomon's reasons of political allies, furthering the kingdom, yada yada yada, did not matter.

Not only do we justify our sins, but we slip back into sins that we particularly struggled with before. 
No one is immune from temptation. A great and "wise" king can fall as easily as anybody. 
verse 4: Solomon surrounded himself with temptation, not just physical temptation, but the spiritual temptation of the other beliefs among his wives. Despite how strong his faith may have been, all the cards are stacked against, and he slowly slides into sin, in this case idolatry. 

verses 5-8: Ashtoreth was a fertility goddess, mistress to Baal. A direct symbol of the sin with which Solomon struggles. Not a difficult backstep to make. 

Molech/Milcom was a god that required child sacrifices. 

He did detetable things before the Lord in order to please others. 

verses 9-10: The Lord had appeared to Solomon TWICE. And yet he still turned away. The correct path was directly in front of him. God had literally been right. in. front. of. his. face.
How much more do we struggle today with less obvious "proof" of God? Obviously we don't base our faith on sight, but God requires of us to trust him so fully despite what "intellectuals" say to disprove  our God.

verses 11-13: (wake up, tim) Ok just realized we have already gone over this lesson two weeks ago. But this discussion and focus is completely different. so. back to the lesson:
"God shakes his mighty finger and says 'Bad Solomon!'" Peden and something about sinosarus... and Walsh. umm...

It's not just about starting on the right foot, with the right intentions. You don't just enter the race well, you have to finish well also. Mark 13:13- "And you will be hated by everyone because of my name. But the one who endures to the end will be delivered."

verses 14-22: "Get in the bath!" (verse 20)
God raised up an enemy against Solomon. his background and resentment toward David.

verses 23-25: another enemy of David, bent on terrorizing Solomon's reign. 
CHAOS AND DESTRUCTION! it shouts. Peden said. 

verses 26-28: another enemy against Solomon. who is apparently not a fan of house repairs. 

verses 29-39: prophesy the splitting of Israel and the fall of Solomon. But also God's mercy to David in keeping his promise tht the Savior would come from his line.

verses 40-43: end of Solomon. 

Solomon did not fall from grace in one day. (Casting Crowns, "Slow Fade")
What are things in your life that you have justified, little things that the devil has used to turn you just a little. He doesn't have to turn you 180 degrees to turn you. One degree will put you far enough off the path eventually. 

Accountability is our greatest weapon.

Melanie loves you. 

The end.


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