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Pete Gall - My Beautiful Idol (Free Audiobook, Review) @Noisetrade #gospel

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For Fans of :      Donald Miller, Anne Lamott, Frederick Buechner, Philip Yancey, Nate Larkin

Overall Thoughts:

This is an interesting book.  The content is life.. it is much like a Donald Miller novel, a storytelling of life and the confusion that can come of the answers that you seem to get as you go along. He takes a basic idea about collector crabs and our needs for 'decoration' in our life that people can look on us in a way that makes us feel, 'ok' and the move towards other ideals... interesting.. and wonderful analogy!

I recommend this to anyone really.  Those strong in their faith, as well as those against Christianity.. and even those battling with it, though I VERY much recommend that if you start.. you finish. 

Not only have I been enjoying this book.. it was the final kick in my backside to start writing my own story.  Thank you Pete Gall for that kick!  

Stand Outs: ( I wrote these as I listened.. so.. be aware of that :) )

A Jerk
A Liar
A Christian Hero? 
"You are stepping out in response to God.  That is going to make you some enemies" 

The part when he describes his true desire to follow God and walking out of his professional job and finding out that those around him had no idea that he was a Christian were quite good and true in how I believe there are many that would live though as well, even myself.  I am certain there are those that have no idea of my beliefs.  I am not preaching every second and every time I open my mouth... 

"David said that it is my job to provide the momentum, God will provide the direction" 

A very good point made by a friend in his walk with God.

"God redeems some idols, doesn't He?"

This he states thinking on the girl he needs to walk away from. I was there myself when I was younger.. so very true when dealing with 'love'

"I thought my prayer would change everything, but it didn't" 

"I did not know how to tell that things changed"

Chapter 8 is pretty intense and exactly what many people need to hear.. wow!

In Chapter 10.. the encounter he has and the faith bolstered is so simple.. and reminds me of my past experiences ... I really liked it

In Chapter 13 ... The realization of relationship with Christ is great.. something to me.. is so odd to think it could take some one a while to get to when they 'grew up' in church... but.. everyone's story is different.. .and it is victory of God's none-the-less. 

"The Bottom is always, always lower than we think it is" 

Chapter 15.. I feel the same way that he does about praying in tongues.. about his thoughts.. as well as being distracted by the sound of them.

Chapter 21 ... wow.. temptation ice breakers.. and his outlook an how we want to talk about our problems.. but not really the hard hitting things that we actually have problems with.  We really need to be honest..

Chapter 22 ... a wonderful transition in analogy.. WELL done!! 

Chapter 25 ... The running track analogy is quite interesting.. and the quote here that I see that is great is .. "Especially where souls are concerned, the ends do not justify the means" 

Chapter 27 ... PRINCESS BRIDE!!! Great friendship!  some really heavy hitters in desire for.. and why one serves.. does.. for God.. WOW.. the gas moment.. wow.. amazing! His want to step onto water.. I have done that.. not actually on the water.. it did not work.. and I have already written a blurb about it.. just have not posted it yet.. and I have already planned to put it into the book I am writing

The hurt from his advice for a woman with cancer.. wow.. a hard hit for sure.. I feel for him and the attack that this is.

Chapter 28 .. tears.. tears.. very emotional

End of Chapter 30 .. that brought some tears.. wow

Chapter 34-35.. the business of 'selling' charity and blessing.. certainly turned my stomach in knots.. I have not really ever seen things much in this way, while I do  think that many work in this way.. but my motivation is very different.. though.. I get the idea that we really do need to do the best we can in systems that are flawed.. that I do see.. that I do know.. but attitude really does make a huge difference in making the steps to go forward

Chapter 36 ... I am not sure about these 'truth' ideas... I get relationship.. I get meeting people where they are.. but.. if I look at Christ.. He leaned on Truth.. He is truth.. the beauty is that we do not NEED to convince anyone of 'OUR' truth.. but let the Holy Spirit do the work of guiding THEM in truth.. if God uses us or not.. 

Chapter 37 ... wonderful explanation of heroes and the reality of life and the way that it can hit you sideways .. and the reality.. the TRUTH of ONE hero!  

"The Kingdom IS among us"

"We succeed when we admit when we need a ride from an eagle" 

"Relationship determines value"

Chapter 38 ... great analogy with the cup.. very, very interesting! 

"Choose love where you find fear" 

Final Thoughts:

Much like my Pastor said recently... "If I did not believe that I could make it though anything I don't think I could continue in this anymore" .. this is such a wonderful point, but perspective is so very important. Being the 'hero' has nothing to do with our want or need to be one that makes it though something, and I understand what he meant by it.  He was saying that any problem he has faced, Christ has been there and been the guide and the force that brought him through it.  He has faith and trust in that.. It is what gives many of us, including me the drive to move forward.  

Fighting along, trying to be the best, brightest and most awesome will only destroy us.. we just need to be who God is calling us to be.. and not worry about the image.  I am quite sure that is the true message of this book, but if I am wrong.. maybe I am just projecting the ideal message I would have for it - though I am quite certain I am correct. 

hmmm... maybe I will just be rewriting much of this is my future book.. but.. who knows.. thank you for the adventure Pete Gall! 

Recording Thoughts:

Good ... Semi-Professional

take a listen ... get a download.. and TIP!!! 


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