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Gangai Victor - New Song (Full Album, Review and GIVEAWAY) @votivepraise @noisetrade #gospel #rock #giveaway

WELCOME TO THE FIRST ~dErK~ Just Being Here giveaway!  

I received a message from Gangai shortly after my review of his sampler on Noisetrade posted asking if I would do a full review of his entire album, and as well if I would be willing to giveaway a few copies.  Obviously I agreed to both and now you can read below for details on the album itself, below that the giveaway RULES, and even further below you can read my review for the FULL ALBUM!


 Here are some details on the album, which you might want to know:

The album is currently available for sale at for $2.99. A part of every sale will be contributed to "Shore Home" - a Christian orphanage in Chennai that shelters needy kids - abandoned orphans, children of prisoners for life etc. More details @

Free chord charts, videos and other resources are available at

Track list in sequence:
1. The New Song
2. Water For My Soul
3. No Other Name
4. Be Still My Soul
5. I Lift My Eyes
6. Eucharistic Worship
7. Hosanna (You Are Holy)
8. So Loved
9. Gloria (With Lifted Hands)
10. No Longer Live


There will be two winners of the FULL 10 track digital album.  

In order to be entered into the contest you MUST download the free sample ( and therefore providing the artist with your contact information (email).  Without this you will not be entered.  Please post a comment once you have done this so we will know to check it. (use the widget below the contest information and just enter your email address and zip code. It will send you an email with a link to the download)

There are OTHER ways that you can place your name in the 'hat' again for another chance to win:

1. Download and Share that you downloaded the music via twitter or facebook (please provide link to share so we can check it as well as your e-mail address.  You may comment here or send me an email via ) 

2. Follow @votivepraise on twitter, please comment that you did.

3. Follow @openedeyes02 on twitter, please comment that you did

4. 'Like' my page on facebook (Just Being Here), please comment that you did

5. Share this contest with your friends, if they comment and say that you sent them you both get an extra name in the hat!

The giveaway starts as soon as it is posted and will end TWO different times.  We will draw the first winner March 15th and the second winner March 29th.  


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For Fans of :     Paul Baloche, Matt Redman, Matt Maher

I was given this FULL album by the artist for the purpose of reviewing it, and giving away TWO copies. The opinions here are my own. -dErK

10 Songs

Overall Thoughts:

All the songs are quite sombre, reverent common worship themes.  While this is not exactly my favorite music all the time.. this is great music for prayer, quiet times, and just worship itself.  More classic feel to worship music.. what I mean.. is a bit closer hymns then contemporary worship.. even though it really is contemporary.. if that makes sense..

Recording Thoughts:

Very Good ... Professional

Individual Song Thoughts:
(Rating Scale 1 to 5 - 1 being least - 5 being greatest)

"The New Song" 4 - This is the sampler song, I basically reviewed it HERE :

"Water For My Soul" 4 - Very sombre .. reverent.. beautiful flowing music.. shows a great desire for Christ

"No Other Name" 4 - This has an interesting back beat that I really liked.. still slow in pace.. lifting Christ and pretty common theme

"Be Still My Soul" 4 - Very slow.. very calming.. as well encouraging to one that just needs the reassurance of the closeness of God.. the knowing that we are in need of Him.. and that He is there

"I Lift My Eyes" 4 - Looking to God for all things.. He alone is comfort, rest, and firm foundation

"Eucharistic Worship" 4 - Interesting song.. You do not hear very many songs about communion.. and as will this one is a bit more upbeat (quicker) than the rest.

"Hosanna" 4 - This is a beautiful version of this song.

"So Loved" 4 - Very worshipful

"Gloria" 5 - My favorite on the album.. as it picks up the pace quite a bit.. much more rocking.. which is more to my liking. The electric guitar additions are sweet!

"No Longer Live" 5 - My other favorite on the album... for the same reason as the one above, but I think that this one is my most favorite. Very clear Christ messages "Your love is all that my soul needs'  "from every curse you ransom me" AWESOME messages!  

take a listen ... get a download.. and TIP!!! 

@votivepraise on twitter 





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    1. Congratulations! Alvin, you are the first winner! There will be another drawing on the 29th of March! All entries at this point will be placed in it and any new ones, of course.

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