Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Base and Structure (Blurb)

This past weekend I was able to visit with my parents after church and what this has meant for a while is working out back in the garden doing landscaping.

The week prior they were on vacation visiting with my Uncle and Grandfather and they built an arbor to be placed in the backyard garden. 
By the time I had arrived my dad had already unloaded it with my brother, measured and beat in the post holes with my mother, and was ready for the most physically demanding part... Lifting and setting the arbor into the post holes.

With me there and he had his opportunity to get it moved. My Dad, Mother, brother, and of course myself get out there and plan out the best way to do such a thing without killing ourselves. We decided setting it up as it should be with each of us holding a post to carry it to the post holes.

We knew it was likely this would not perfectly set on our first try, but mom was determined to have her's go in... Which it did!

The only problem?

All the other posts were defiant to our desires to set them into their future permanent homes

It was now time to decide how to move onward from here.

Was the base wrong?

Was the structure wrong?

What were we willing to redo... Or destroy in order to make it fit?

We thought about it for a minute and decided to remove the lattice on each side of the arbor, effectively removing the solid structure and giving us the needed slack to force the posts into the already created holes.

This method, while proving to be effective... changed the arbor enough the lattice no longer fit as it did before.

This now calls for a change in design... I assume my dad will take off it before I return... Or.. I have a new job waiting for the next time...

Anyway.. No matter how awesomely built.. Or how perfectly measured and dug holes... They did not match.

Often we go to God as a wonderfully designed arbor, believing ourselves to be exactly what is needed for the spot God has for us. We come large and heavy... Demanding others to fall in and help us set into the position we know we have been led to be in.

All the signs may even have been pointing to this ... But as soon as we are set down we see...

We do not fit..

Changes must be made...

Somehow things must be different in US so we can fulfill the purpose God has for us! 

It may not be fun... 

Or even painless.. 

But when we let God have proper control... 

We will fit exactly the best way for HIS glory to shine forth! 

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