Monday, February 22, 2010

Remembering What I Have Said...

This cannot be something that I alone suffer though. And, to be honest, I know I am not the only as it is fact that I have been on the receiving end.

What I am talking 'typing' about is talking with someone and realizing a great story or piece of knowledge that would do well to fit in the particular conversation you are having, but not realizing that they were the ones that taught you that knowledge; or possibly having already told said person said story one or multiple times before.

Yeah... has that happened to you - or have you been on the receiving end of it? One of them that I find very humorous is when telling someone something and their response is, "Yeah, I was right beside you when 'so and so' told us that!"

Why bring this up? Not sure, honestly - it just came to mind the other day when I went on to tell my wife a story (from my past) that she had apparently heard countless times already. I mean... is my mind that far gone, ha! I also realized that certain things seem to always raise the same memories i.e. locations mainly. I go to the mall and I think the same things I think every time I go there. And what is crazy about that is - I will think it like I have not thought about it or said it in years, yet it could have only been a week or two since the last time.

Ah! I know a good direction to take this! Something that was taught to me shortly after giving my life to Christ was to take notes during any sermons or lessons being taught (not to be confused with taking notes in class, which taking them in church really helped with)! I found, just the way my mind is, taking notes is SUPER helpful for me to concentrate and actually fully pay attention to the speaker. Now not at all times do my notes come out in word form. Sometimes it is a drawing idea that I get - so at times I may have my drawing notebook out instead of my note-notebook ... umm whatever. (many of the drawings in this blog have been inspired during sermons.) One in particular(not on this blog, just a drawing) was drawn during a full retreat that was a week long. It was more like a large mural that included elements from every lesson that had been taught during the week. It would have been a t-shirt, but I was told it was too hard for them to do. And even though I no longer have the actual drawing that I did (I think the t-shirt people stole it ... ) I remember it very well - I remember each element and much of the lessons that were taught that brought those images from my hand and pencil.

I really enjoy going through old notes and relearning lessons that were once taught. Forgetting is normal - natural. Honestly think about what was taught this past Sunday during service. Do you even remember the point? Do you remember any stand out words that maybe the speaker had your repeat? Do you remember what part of the Bible the lesson was brought from? I can tell you now that there are countless times that I have no idea, even moments from exiting the sanctuary! BUT, when I have my notes - I can look back to them, and remember not only the lesson; but possibly what I was thinking as I wrote it or a question that I had as it was said. Then this can lead to learning more and enhancing what was taught in my life as I can actively apply what was taught!

Remembering.... maybe I should take notes on who I tell what stories too and who taught me what! Maybe I would not have these other 'funny' problems again.

:) - Have a Great Day!!


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