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Matt Stephens - Selftitled (Free Music, Review) @ayjsh @Noisetrade #alternative #rock #favorite

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For Fans of :  The Rocket Summer, Matt Maher, Switchfoot, Matt Nathanson

4 Song EP

Overall Thoughts:

Alternative rock sound ... really.. a great sound.. they have  that hard rock and just ,, folk.. slower sound.. just right.. the vocals are easy to hear and understand.. still with great instrumentation that just ROCKS!! 

I have added this to my favorites

Recording Thoughts:

Very Good ... Professional 

Stand Outs:

"Help" - where do you go when you are lost.. when you are in need of "help" .. to walk around pretending we need nothing from anyone.. is a lie.. "Something inside, Crying HELP, I'm Dieing Inside ... Help I'm Lost Without you" ... 'Don't Be Afraid To say it.. and You'll get through" .. "Love's chasing after!!" .. totally uplifting!! 

"Everything" - Awesome!  starts out pretty slow going (rock slow.. not standard worship slow). .and just grows and grows as the song continues on.. each thing seems to break the person being sung about .. until they have only one place to look .. Look to God.. look to Christ! " Open up and say - 'I'm yours.. please be my everything'" 

"For You Alone" - much like worship songs I have heard before.. though.. more of the rock feel that this band has.. though softer .. honestly.. looking to give God .. everything.. to live for Him.. for His glory.. great message.. great song.. encouraging listen for sure!! 

"The Neverend" - Good hard start.. very instrumental.. and flows into the vocals nicely.. and goes right into the Light and glory of God .. the desire to have Christ within!  "This heart collide, and I'm alive.. as I'm drawn as one with you" (something like that ) .. "my past erase as I see your face" ! 

take a listen ... get a download.. and TIP!!! 

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