Saturday, May 26, 2012

Elizabeth Hunnicutt - Beautiful Love (Free Music, Review) @lizhunnicutt @noisetrade #acoustic #pop #favorite

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For Fans of :  Brooke Fraser, Shawn Colvin, Sara Groves, Jill Phillips, Civil Wars

3 Songs

Overall Thoughts:

A Nicole Nordeman.. or Rebecca St. James.. kind of sound.. but a strong worship feel to it all .. a happy .. almost funky sound.. great beats .. I really enjoyed them! 

I have added this to my favorites

Recording Thoughts:

Very Good ... Professional

Stand Outs:

"One Moment" - while I know that the battle of salvation was an ongoing thing in my youth... the day I accepted it.. it really was "One Moment" that brought me to the realization.. to look to God for the rest of my life.. this song has got that feeling held in it.. truly 

"Beautiful Love" - Nothing beats the love of God!  .. no matter how you try and hold it up to it.. God's love.. is amazing.. is .. beautiful! 

"I Will Strengthen You" - The acoustic and other strings mixture here.. are a great sound.. .from the perspective of God.. willing and able.. ready and willing.. to do what is needed within us!  Powerfully uplifting and encouraging to remember our God is there for us!

take a listen ... get a download.. and TIP!!! 

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