Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Seven Lessons I Picked Up From The Avengers with Spoilers (Blurb)

When I put quotes.. it means .. I MEAN to quote the movie.. not that I am doing it exactly right.. so.. yeah.. 

Who knows.. this may one day turn into a curriculum for Children's Church Yes.. we are going to do this next AND I have an eighth that will be added in a new blog later .. anyway.. here we go


1 . The 'little guy' is Important Too 

First off.. Hawkeye was an amazing character in this movie.  I did not expect them to go where they did with him, but the part that spoke me the greatest was in the beginning when he was discussing the problems with the tesseract to Nick Fury. 

His comment goes something like this "It is not a problem on THIS side" to which he then has to explain to Mr Fury .. "It is a doorway, right? .. so there is another side" and of course.. seconds later we all see he was right as Loki pops out of the 'gateway'.  

No matter the intelligence and rank of anyone else in that room.. it seems Hawkeye had the correct thoughts.. let us not discount those 'characters' in our lives we may consider 'little'.

Captain America:

2 . We Must Cope With Change To Move On

After being frozen/asleep for around 70 years Captain America has awakened to a world much different than the one he once was in, well.. mostly.  

One of the bigger differences is technology, but does not keep the Captain from working right 'beside' Iron Man to save a very, very complicated  'boat' from falling out of the sky.  Yes.. He had no idea most of the lingo Tony was throwing at him, but he understood Stark knew what he was talking about and trusted him regardless. I believe this is what makes Captain America such a great leader 

I know many folks, myself included at times, that would crawl into a ball and while because they cannot figure out the 'complexity' of the 'new' things.  

We have those God has placed in our lives to encourage us - they ARE there .. just trust in them .. trust in God and do not ignore those having wisdom in areas you do not. It will get you through change.   


3. Accepting The Help Of Others Is Good

Thor slams on screen and just snatches what he believes in rightfully his to deal with.  He is a god.. right.. so he can do what he wants? .. If that were true.. the same would go for Loki.. so we know it is not.  The laws of Asgard are still to be upheld, but of course.. this is the job of Thor alone, right?

Quickly (after a great fight with Iron man and the most awesome clashing between him and Captain America), Thor had to learn the only way things would work out right would be if he molded into the team already about the work to take care of his brother's insane decisions. 

Pretty much every one of the Avengers needed to learn this lesson, and we will get into that soon, but I look to Thor on this one because.. in the Marvel Universe - He is as a god.  And even though he is - He does not match up to "The One God" as the good ole' Captain points out himself.  

He needs help, we need help.  It is never a showing of weakness when we ask for help, but instead a showing of wisdom.

Black Widow:

4. Winning, Even if It Seems The Enemy Is In Control

When Black Widow is first shown on screen, captured and being interrogated , we all know there is more to what is going on, but when she is pleading with Loki for Hawkeye - I bet more than myself was fooled by her craftiness. 

As she begins to break down emotionally and Loki is lifting himself up mightily as he 'leaks' his plans to her - we are all feeling defeating, believing Loki has the upper hand with some villainous plot shortly to unravel, but instead we are treated to The Widow's keen smile and satisfaction for garnering the information she needed.

I could look at her tactics to be akin to that of the Devil - leading us on, believing we have all things in control and can do anything, but instead I want to look at it another way.

When Christ died on the cross the devil believed he was winning the match of the century, only to find out the plan was to have him do just as was done.  The death of Christ is the salvation of us all, much like the supposed verbal defeat of Black Widow seemingly every time she speaks to someone is actually a win for her.  

The appearance of defeat and victory can be very different thought the 'glasses' of God.  Let is be in fervent prayer for discernment to understand truly when each one is actually occurring! 

Iron Man:

5. A Protected Heart Cannot Be Controlled

A very intriguing part of the movie is when Tony Stark sheds his armor for a 'chat' with Loki.  While watching we all know Tony is going to be fine and Loki has no idea the awesomeness Iron Man has hidden on his wrists (of course neither did we), but as the scepter came towards Stark's chest, I know my heart dropped.

When nothing at all happened and Loki is just as bewildered as us - I verbally  exclaimed, "YES!" .. as he tried again and failed.. again, and again.  For all who understand Iron Man, you know he has a shard that is desperately trying to enter his heart (yes.. like Frodo), the only thing keeping it from doing that is the electro magnet powered by the device invented by him.  

In a crazy round about way, his heart was protected from the 'magic' of Loki's scepter.  Granted Loki took over the mind, but many, many believe the heart is a doorway to the mind.  Without that doorway, Loki could not turn Stark on his friends.  

We should always protect our hearts, and be diligent about what is let in.  It only takes a few things to being to disrupt your mind into thinking like it used to, or possibly like it never has before.  We may not be able to place some sophisticated technology there, but we can place the blood of Lamb there.  And every time we are attacked .. look to the Lord! 


6. Anger Can Be Righteous

Christ displayed this perfectly when he turned the tables in the temple, but the way it worked with the Hulk, was.. well 'Bigger'. 

To always be fearful that an angry beast will pop out at any second because of a flimsy hold on our emotions is likely something more that just I experience.  While I would not actually recommend we all walk around angry all the time (even though it REALLY did not look like Bruce was angry much at all during most of the film), but what I do suggest is understanding when it is the right time to let it flow.  

I mean, if the Hulk can get enough control to stop attacking everyone and focus on just the 'bad guys' then we can in 'righteous anger' discipline when necessary. 

Agent Coulson:

7. Sacrifice Calms Quarrels And Brings The Diverse Together

It does not take very much to understand this one.  I was very surprised to see Coulson standing up to Loki.  Yes, the gun was totally awesome and looked to be a great way to walk into that room, but Loki, a trickster, certainly had his number... for a moment.  He showed true courage... Stabbed in the back and bleeding out is certainly not a great way to go, but it did give him an awesome moment to knock Loki on his bum. 

Nick Fury gets to him, ready and hoping to revive him I am sure - and Coulson is 100% ready to die for the cause saying, "They needed something to bring them together".  I am not sure I can feel my death or sacrifice would be powerful enough to bring others together, but if it would.. would I do it? ... would you?

At the news of his death - each member dealt with their problems and decided to band together, knowing the ultimate purpose was greater than themselves and their self ambitions.

Christ is the ultimate sacrifice, bringing together men and women of so many different backgrounds together for one purpose; of salvation, love, and unity. We are a part of that - Let us do right by the sacrifice made for us!



  1. Great.when is the eighth one coming?You should do more comparison list. these are observation that the writers of the characters may or may have not thought of.

    1. I am not sure, but here is a sneak peak at what that one really is about. http://lakewood-kids.blogspot.com/2012/07/avengers-assemble-lokis-lesson-on-christ.html