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Review: The Gathering Storm by Robert Jordan and @BrandSanderson (Books)

The Gathering Storm (Wheel of Time, #12; A Memory of Light, #1)The Gathering Storm by Robert Jordan
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After reading all the series before this book ... I get to read the first of those that actually pulled me into finally picking up this series. It has been a long, long road of listening to audio book after audio book. I found MANY of the middle books to be very drab and not very 'plot heavy' as well as not even character driven, but as I look back on the journey of the characters from book one to here... the entire world created from the start is no longer the same at all. It is no surprise that I hooked onto a series of books that Sanderson has become attached to himself. I very much enjoyed from the start that he was taking over as I totally and completely enjoy his writing style. In the first few pages of this book Brandon Sanderson explains how he will not be writing in the same style as Robert Jordan and I was honestly thankful of that.

This book was very amazingly good. Much of what readers like myself have been waiting to happen and move on have actually began to. As well some things have created answers, created a way for us to see that small sliver of light at the end of the tunnel we have been in for so many books already.

Rand has been dealing with his transition to The Dragon Reborn for far too long and I always found his battle to be minimal until this book, it really brought him to a breaking point. I am glad of this and am ready for his choices in the future and if he will, or will not work with those that are his allies.

Mat is on a quest that changes an entire thought process created actually quite early in the series and I hope for more of that in the next book... very much so.

Perrin was not touched on much here, and I am not quite sure at where he is going right now.

The biggest, and most needed, changes occured with Egwene. I am certain that what occurred was planned from the moment that she was taken in the last book, but I found her story in this book to be one of the more enjoyable ones throughout the series. I have always enjoyed Sanderson's ways with characters, and I have to be honest and say that I thought I really could pull where Sanderson was strong in this and where he placed Robert Jordan's passages, but ... I could not. The book was great... I am certain that any fan of the series would not be turned off from the transition of writer and as well that any fan of Sanderson may just want to take the time to catch up to the series to just get to read this.

I am ready for the last two... and for the, hopefully, completion of this endless wheel of time.

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