Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Having A Place To Hang Your Hat (Blurb)

I came up with the title of this post at work one day after placing my hat on the rack you see in the picture above.  I always have a bit of a note in the body of my evernote to remind me what I was thinking when I came up with the idea.. Here is the note for this one :

" not sure.. but .. go with it "

There was just something itching in me that was glad for a place to hang my hat.  Interestingly this was BEFORE the move from our house and as well one very big problem I have found is that... I seriously... have NO place to hang my hat (except for here at work...hmmm)

In the bedroom we are living there are very few placed for storage of our things.  I have mentioned this before, but just so you understand - we are living out of boxes in my in-law's home.  While grateful for a place to at least stay, it is very difficult being essentially shoved into a situation like this.  My hats have quite literally taken a beating.

A fedora is a stylish hat with a very distinctive look, unless of course a box is placed on top of it and the hat ends up looking more and more like a deformed pancake.  The more and more crushed... the less deformed and just out right pancake.  I very much prefer them to not get into such a state and I actually am reminded of something that happened about six weeks into our stay.  I found my hat for the umpteenth time crushed under various things and while desperately trying to reshape it I said something akin to, "All I want is a place to hang my hat".  Remembering this really sets into motion the depth of this.

Without a place to hang your hat, it has much more possibly of getting ruined.  

I pay at the most ten dollars for one of these hats and cringe at every single superficial dent placed into them, hoping and praying each one will come out - but ... am I that way with God's word?

really... seriously.. I only paid ten dollars for the hat... a bible can cost about the same - even at times more... 

A secret I have known for a long while is the 'book' which we know as Bible... is not the most important part...  

Not unlike a hat needing a place to be hung... the WORD needs to be within US.  There it can DWELL.. it can LIVE it can grow me... change me...

Because of this each and everything I choose to do should be looked at with the same intensity I do with what happens to my hats (actually... likely, more)

I should cringe as I see the spiritual dents occur, and in such a light continually work to protect myself so I stay - or mold to the shape God desires of me!

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