Saturday, October 27, 2012

Timothygabriel - HipHop is Dead Worship (Free Music, Review) @1timothygabriel @Noisetrade #hiphop #gospel

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For Fans of :   timothygabriel, Flame, Toby Mac, Lecrae, Canton Jones

24 Tracks (Most are songs.. but some are short skits.. or intros)

Overall Thoughts:

Christ centered rap.. pretty good.. a very full album.. pretty good mixture of rap type music genres.. good beats.. and good lyrics.. some I did not really get.. others I understood fine

Recording Thoughts:

Pretty Good ... Semi-Professional

Stand Outs:

"I'm Good" - I did not get this one.. I am not sure because it seems a bit cocky

"Hip Hop is Dead" - interesting concept.. really calling for being sure that Christ is lifting in all 

"Sum Jesus Love" - pushing to be sure to share Christ ... even in the fearful places.. I think it is good to remember that 'those that are forgiven much, love much'

"A-1" - pretty cool sounding

"Do You" - pretty cool message

'My Earthly Father" - cool concept..well put together.. sounded really good .. be an inspiration to your children.. leave a legacy of Christ in their lives!

"Keep on Tryin" - acoustic.. with rap. .very good .. my favorite on the album.. very uplifting

"OK Class" - pretty cool beat .. kind of fun to listen to.. some clever bible stories pulled .. and very much thankfulness to Christ for His sacrifice.

"High Life" - my second favorite on the album

take a listen ... get a download.. and TIP!!! 

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