Friday, October 26, 2012

What Abi taught on tonight ... if you missed out! (UNVEILED)

Lesson taught by Abi, notes taken by derk
1 Kings 3:16 - end of 3
In what area are you considered 'wise'?

Who is your favorite detective? ... Have you ever done any detective work?


most versions call them harlots.. amplified though calls them woman who got pregnant out of wedlock


Why might this matter be brought before the king?  

How would this case have been settled in modern court? 

DNA test?

What different ideas do we have of 'the power of government'?

Solomon made this choice to .. give choice to the mothers shows how our nature can define truth within us.  

This even foreshadows God giving up His child for us.. in a very stretched out way

The way he did this really amazed the people.. Do you think you would have been in awe of that judgement?

Does anything really put us in awe?

Do you pursue wisdom?

Do you feel that decisions in your past were wise?

When you make a choice.. what is prevailing? .. your feelings.. the feelings of others... 

Are you considered compassionate? What brings it out? What closes your heart towards others?

(very much questions this time... be honest and you may gain wisdom yourself)

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