Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Good at Puzzles? (Blurb)

It has most certainly been a little while, but I enjoy the classic puzzle.  Having pieces set up on a table for days while you work a good few hours with family and friends trying to put together a picture which is already together on the cover of the box.  

Most of the time the picture does not really matter... besides the help it gives you in placing the pieces properly.  

Those I have worked with to put puzzles together with have often made a similar comment while enjoying the activity.  The comment usually goes something like this, "I enjoy puzzles.  I really seem to have a gift for it." to which I would think to myself Awesome... congrats on your gift which you are obviously pointing out I do not have ..which of course is usually not the case.. they are just happy to have a gift and to use it in a way they enjoy with friends.

The real thing beginning to nibble at my mind was the thought of having a gift... and using it.  With a puzzle there is a fairly simple method of getting it done. Most people find the straight edges creating the 'bounding box' and then pair up the like colored pieces, slowly making progress on those until you can join it to the 'bounding box'. The problem comes as you come to the end of the task and realize with dread ... pieces are missing.  Take a look above at the picture... did you notice two pieces were missing?

A gift can get you quite far, it can give you an ability, by the Spirit of God, to have you accomplish AMAZING things, but sometimes no matter how good you are and trust in God... there are missing pieces. 

The body of Christ is just that.. a body.  No one can be all the pieces, you may be able to act as each one individually, but you cannot do all at once at the same time.  Our reason for joining together and helping one another.  
The question then comes is: Are you using your gift to the greatest God can give you, or are you creating a missing piece is the puzzle that God is trying to build?

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