Tuesday, November 13, 2012

iTunes .... Hell? (Blurb)

I have stayed away from this beast for a grand ole long time, with the thought I would never come near it.. but ... I began writing reviews for artists.. and many use itunes.

Here is my process to get itunes

at work 32 bit - failed (dl speeds were add and took VERY long to download)
64 bit - failed

dl and install on laptop at home (worked)

sign up for account :
account MUST have credit card number (do not want to do this...)

got all that done..

need to confirm.. (but cannot because password is not working right)

redo password.. try by email but sends to 'recovery email' .. which is NOT my main one which brought we searching through old accounts and getting this one back up and signed in...which actually would not work

redo password.. by secuity questions instead of email.. this works..

confirm account.. works...

got to get onto itunes to post review

itunes tells me no.. sorry not going to happen (thank you itunes...)

To top it all off I can sign into the account at work online, but cannot install itunes on the computer.. odd enough the computer I could install itunes on I cannot sign in online... 

I ... Don't ... Get ... It 

I am pretty much to a point I want to give up on it 


Is it important to be able post my reviews on itunes?.. I am not even sure it can let me post a review as long as some of mine are.. and as well the work it would take to get those reviews post on my site as well as going to itunes... I just left it up to the artists.. you may be able to see on my site to the left I put a 'requests' area to let people know I am willing to try if they ask.

Sometimes our needs are met without asking and sometimes our needs are never met just due to the fact we never humbled ourselves and asked for help.  There may be those kind hearted and blessed enough to just be shown a need of yours via the Holy Spirit, but sometimes need can only be filled if you take the time to admit and ask for the help.


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