Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Martyr Music - SNL Mixtape (Free Music, Review) @noisetrade #hiphop #gospel #favorite

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For Fans of :   Fred Hammond, Bizzle, Tye Tribbett, Da T.R.U.T.H.

22 Tracks

Overall Thoughts:

Christian messages in street type rap... actually quite flowing.. clever lyrics and good messages.. 

I have added this to my favorites

Recording Thoughts:

Good ... Professional

Stand Outs:

"Covered In It" - about being covered in the blood of Christ and encouraging others to Him

"Book of Rhymes" - a cool mixture of fairy tales and the word of God.. that life can be changed.. not by what is false but by the truth of Christ.. it is interesting how he does it like he is messing up in the song.. yet it still sounds really cool anyway.. wow.. cool

"Exodus" - about coming out of your problems... and hangups.. this may be one time that the sirens in the background that just made sense.. that dread of 'getting caught' .. pretty cool.. hope in Christ and sin will flow away! 

"Rance" - this sounded awesome.. and again .. pining for the choice to go Christ instead of the world!  

"Na'an One" - really lifting up the Love of God and the desire that brings out in those that choose to love back.. good stuff!

"Perfect" - very cool lifting of Christ.. although.. even understanding the point.. I need no reminder of my father's.. well.. .. yeah.. no reminder.. lol

"Restoration Song" - very, very good .. calm .. slow.. but so uplifting .. no matter how down we get.. we CAN be RESTORED!! AMEN!!

"Legacy" - wow.. really cool! Very good message.. a life changed for certain!  God is so amazing!

"John 8:38" - what is change? .. what is freedom? .. this has it pretty well captured.. 

take a listen ... get a download.. and TIP!!! 


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