Saturday, November 3, 2012

Savvy Shopping WITH DERK!! (Just Because)

So you know how well we did I would like you to see the change I have left in my pocket at the end of this 'shopping' trip
So to start this off our family was graciously given the opportunity to have a 'free for us' pancake breakfast.. it was awesome - thank you!
Price = $0
Next we decided to hang out a bit with Melanie's Mom at the monthly HUGE yard sale thingamajig thing at their church.

Elijah smooth talked himself a Cringer action figure (yes.. that is He-Man's Tiger)
price = $0

We got to meet with some wonderful friends we really do not get to see often enough while we were there.. Asher won his Papa Bear's heart and he picked out this... well Papa Bear for him to have (this Papa Bear is not his papa... but more like a God grandfather.. but called Papa Bear because.. well.. because)
Price = $0

Kyley, like always, got the best out of the deals... she ended up with a Bear in a hot air balloon from Tim Tadlock, Some jewelry type things from her Mama Bear (Papa Bears wife), a robot dog from her Papa Bear, and a compass (the circle drawing tool) from Misty and Miss Diana our next door neighbors.
Price = $0

And last is me.  I found this totally radical awesome Ninja Turtle game that I will so totally be playing with my brothers come Christmas time and was given these two shirts from the kid's Papa Bear.
Price = $1 for Turtles Board Game
$0 for shirts

Total price for entire shopping trip ? $1 .. yes.. we only had a little over two dollars and a did just create this entire post to thank Jean, Tim Tadlock, Papa Bear and Mama Bear, as well as mess with Savy ;)


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