Friday, November 16, 2012

What Peden taught on tonight ... If you missed out (UNVEILED)

Lesson taught by Peden, notes taken by derk

The building of the temple by Solomon

What did Peden learn while he created a minecraft 1x1 version of Solomon's temple (a video file has been promised for a future date)

He got much understanding of the determination and faith that it would have required to complete the temple. Just pointing and clicking was tiring for him.

All these things were carved and made in one place and then moved to the building site.. such a massive work!

Peden opens up the file and starts to show us the temple (at this point I have asked him to film and voice over a full tour of it so that I did not need to type everything)

It is so very cool how specific how God can be... that we are able to create a .. pretty much .. exact replica of the temple.


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