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Gordon Paul - Everything's Okay ($15 Physical $10 Digital, Review) @gordonpaulmusic @Bandcamp #folkrock

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For Fans of :     Phil Wickham, Brooke Fraser, Cory Asbury, Andrew Ehrenzeller, Jonathan Helser

I reviewed the free track on Noisetrade already HERE : 

I was pointed to this album by the artist for the purpose of reviewing it. I do not have my own copy and am using Bandcamp to listen SO the opinions here are my own. -dErK

$15 for Physical Copy and $10 for Digital Copy

10 Songs

Overall Thoughts:

Pretty much all piano and acoustic.. and I LOVE acoustic.. so I really liked the album.. for sure.. sometimes the messages are hard to grasp. but they are there.. just take a good listen

Mostly a slow tempo.. but as well some much more energized pieces 

Recording Thoughts:

Very Good ... Professional

Individual Song Thoughts:
(Rating Scale 1 to 5 - 1 being least - 5 being greatest)

"Meadow" (5) - very calm.. this really .. in a way puts you right there in the place he is singing of.. transportation by music? .. and then the slow and steady guiding to Christ in this is awesome. "The fight is His to fight" .. certainly the only way we can have this peace is to lay our burdens on Him.

"Everything's Okay" (3) - A slow and methodical song.. really looking to Christ for strength.. but encouraging because of the all out attitude of the title "Everything's Okay" .. sometimes... even when we have all the reasons not to not believe in the statement.. it is the most comforting thing we can hear

"Robber" (5) - Very funky .. awesome piano backing.. I really liked the rough and scratchy vocals.. and then of course. .the beautiful way that the darkness can be lit up.. that "who is there, in your greatest time of need" .. really liked the message of choice and the showing of Christ being one as well.. will you take that choice.. even in the midst of your darkness.. you still have that choice! Then the way the song ends it really seems to point to it being about the thieves on the crosses beside Christ

"Take It In" (3) - A question song.. that really gives the answer as it asks the question.. really it lifts up God and shows his majesty in a pretty awesome way.  Very folksy and fun musically 

"So Beautiful" (3) - A song lifting up Christ and God.. heavy on scripture references.. and then looking at live as it is.. then we must remember that Christ cares for us... and is ready to lessen that pain.. an end is coming.. though.. the song itself is a bit long.. it has quite a long musical outro

"Fields" (4) - wonderful piano .. this song seems to deal with hardship.. our ability alone is not good enough.. we fail and fail.. but at those times.. those broken and rejected times is when we can really look up and see God.. and know that faith is our only option.. we can keep moving forward.. in faith.. in God.. in His will instead of our own

"I'm Sorry" (3) - I have been here before.. where all I feel is just.. wrong.. just that I want to be forgiven and held in love

"So Good" (4) - A great sound.. very uplifting message.. though kind of long..  never do I want to forget that the Lord is there and 'So Good' that He will do all He can for me..

"See You Later On" (3) - This was a bit hard to follow.. but I must admit that it sounds really good.. and it even sounds very positive.. and encouraging to move on .. no matter what

"Everything's Okay (Reprise)" - See above link for review on this song

take a listen ... get a download.. 

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