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Joey Mantelone - Anchor (Free Music, Review) @JoeyMonteleone @Noisetrade #acoustic #gospel #favorite

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For Fans of :     Jason Mraz, Phil Wickham, Mumford & Son, John Mayer, Chris Tomlin

I was given this album by the artist for the purpose of reviewing it (really I was just asked if I would and it was already free.. so.. yeah). The opinions here are my own. -dErK

10 Songs

Overall Thoughts:

a smooth folk rock album... with a great showing of God's glory.. as well the dependence of God in a life.. very awesome.. certainly a worship thread in it, but I would not really consider this a worship album even though it.. kind of is as well

I totally recommend this album!

I have added this to my favorites

Recording Thoughts:

Very Good ... Professional

Individual Song Thoughts:
(Rating Scale 1 to 5 - 1 being least - 5 being greatest)

Warrior (5) - totally rocking awesome start to an album.. great instrumentation..and the vocals.. really set the mood.. really has a great 'get your butt in gear' message.. very awesome! "He's much bigger than my fears and He doesn't change" .. beautiful message for certain.. and so funky and fun

'We Cry Jesus" (4) - The start of this song immediately put a smile on my face... such a carefree feeling.. and again.. the message is awesome.. not so much 'carefree' but able and willing to lift up our God at all times that we can! 

"Psalm 118" (5) - very cool putting this to more modern music... oh.. and such a cool beat.. had me dancing a bit.. lol .. such and encouraging and uplifting Psalm.. so good

"Immanuel" (3) - still good.. just not a great as the others.. I found it a bit flat feeling.. not sure why.. it just did not seem to have that 'pop' the others do.. I did quite enjoy the acoustic though!

"O Love of God" (5) - very flowing.. as well.. very reverent and full of thanks.. I certainly liked the biblical pulls.. very clever and well placed.. all the way to resurrection and just throughout shows the great and mighty power of our God.. as well.. of course .. His love!

"Anchor" (5) - Much slower.. but I really liked the message.. this really shows the trust and reliance on God.. the imagery.. is quite good.. a very good analogy to see the sea as unstable, but to have an anchor in those times.. we need a firm attachment to our God! "He loves my heart, and He won't let go"

"Desperate For You" (5)  - very calming acoustic.. it picks up as it goes on.. it really has the right feeling that is the same as the message.. the more and more we move on .. learn and understand.. the more and more we are desperate for God within our lives.. as the song picks up.. it really portrays that feeling.. very cool

"Hallelujah" (3) - my,, almost 2 year old's favorite word when he decides that he wants to sing.. and as for this song.. I felt much the same as in " Immanuel " above.. though.. still.. great song.. for certain.. especially the 'Halle- lu - ja" part.. really cool.. 

"Cast My Cares On You" (5) - One of the best messages about Christ... and often overlooked or.. misunderstood.. this song.. captures it quite well.. 

"Glory To Our God" (5) - very awesome.. I liked the 'clapping' .. really brought a feeling of unity.. and such a a great feel for this song.. and the message of lifting God up in this way.. as I stated.. awesome

take a listen ... get a download.. and TIP!!! 

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