Friday, December 28, 2012

What Savy Taught on Tonight ... If You Missed Out! (UNVEILED)

Lesson taught by Savy, Notes taken by derk
1 Kings 8


The ark is placed in the temple - and contains the 10 commandments 


We see Solomon acknowledge the face that God is fulfilling the promise of His temple being built... 


In Solomon's dedication starts to focus on the attributes of God... this is an amazing focus and can really bring what we come to God with into a new perspective 
around verse 31 we can see Solomon switch to asking for the purpose of what he is asking to dedicate.  
Who are we really worried about when we are asked to be accountable? .. letting down people.. or letting down God? 
More purposes of the temple... a place of mercy!  
Psalm 103:8 - God is Mercyful!
and as well we see the hope for restoration when there is pulling away from God. 
We see that even here (verse 41) the foreign are given a right to pray to God.  It is quite cool to see this in the Old Testament! 

He finishes praying over the temple and he moves to pray over the people of Israel
No Promise Has Failed
 It is quite amazing how God provides day by day...
Is there something that you were provided today that can easily be seen as God's hand working in your life? 
When you pray... do you focus on the things that you want to pray for or instead focusing on God?
If Solomon prayed it for God's people, and we are God's people, are we invested in God in the way that Solomon pointed out? 
What is an attribute of the Lord that has stood out to you recently? 
What do you as a temple for the Lord have a dedication to God? 


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