Friday, December 7, 2012

What Will taught on tonight ... if you missed out (UNVEILED)

 you just got Gnomepunched
Lesson taught by Will, notes taken by derk
51 verses to get through

1 Kings 7

7 years to complete the temple (priority)

13 years to complete his house
This is a pretty dry chapter 
Hiram has a proven reputation .. this really shows God using the best 
the pillars and their names 
"He shall establish"  and "In Him Is My Strength" .. every entering of the temple should be a reminder of these things 
Have you ever set something up to remind you of something? (anyone else reminded of Ebenezer? )


Many furnishings were made and added (this list is quite detailed)

Hiram was faithful and completed the job assigned 

The things in the temple were made of 'pure' gold.. to look in 1 Cor. we see that WE are a temple.. we should be sure have within us those things that are pure and well made

David was not able.. but was able to prepare.. (he had foresight) and then his son Solomon was able to complete it

We may have a job to do, but it may not be something that we see an end to.  No need to give up.  know that the future generation does look up to you and a legacy can be created.



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