Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Foolish #YOLO (Blurb)

This phrase, in my mind, works completely and totally against itself.

You Only Live Once

The statement was widely overused before it ever became ever so popular in the texting/twitter shorthand version YOLO or #YOLO

Recently invited to the birthday party of a young man about to enter the age of 18 we were asked to write down something we wish we would have known when we were 18. 

I also decided (with the wonderful wisdom of my wife) decided that this would also fit quite well with the new year and the desire that we all seem to lean on wanting to better ourselves.

This... Is mine:


Good friend I welcome you to see this phrase in a new light.  If you look at through truth you will see it destroys the negative and foolish outcome its #YOLO brothers and sisters of the 'clothe' have created for it in our wonderful communicative day and age.

To see our one life as something worthy of rampant chances for death and destruction is more the actions which should come of a statement of 'You Only Live As Many Times As It Takes You To Get It Right And Not Screw It Up Royally' or commonly known as YOLAMTAITYTGIRANSIUR.

I accepted Christ at 16 and found pretty much anything I ever did that is considered wrong I would get caught in some way.  My life quickly caught up with itself in the realm of stupidity and non-thought through actions.  I realized early on a life with disrepair to sense would only lead me to destruction. So my admittance here is I am breaking the rules of this little note writing party and informing you of something I did know at 18, but believe all should know as soon as they can wrap their minds around it.

Life... if only given the chance to live once, should be done in the very best possible way you can.  Set forth your goals right.  Focus yourself on Christ and let Him guide you.  Give up life that is to be lived once in the flesh and instead grip tightly the life which is given more abundantly.

You Only Live Once... Don't mess it up due to rash decisions or frivolous laughs.  Enjoy every moment you have, knowing God is the guiding force lighting your path and it will never end because of overlooked facts; life is fragile and others are always looking up to you. 

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