Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mom's Book Report (Blurb)

When I was younger my family would take a big road trip every few years, or it may have been every other year, to Pennsylvania where most of my mother's family lives. This was always a great trip for my two brothers and myself because we pretty much lived in the back of the car. Sometimes it was annoying, but we all found our own things to do to keep busy. One thing I enjoyed doing was reading.

Sometimes I would pack up a book and read it for the trip, but other times I would pick one up during the trip and read it. There was one time we stopped at some kind of flea market and I found a book which interested me. It was a science fiction novel and seemed to have a pretty cool cover. I went to my mother to ask her if I could get it. The answer I got was 'No'. As much as I cannot remember why the answer was 'No", I also cannot remember how exactly I got her to change her mind. I assume much annoying begging was mainly the cause.

Once she gave her blessing on the purchase of her book, she also gave me a interesting stipulation about what I had to do to, I guess, thank her... or maybe show my gratefulness. The stipulation was I had to write a book report upon finishing it. I had no problem with this at all. I could easily write something up after reading a book.

I knew there was a problem as soon as I read the first chapter. The book actually took its humor from sexual references and really they were not as much references as outright stating the sexual things. My age and maturity found a humor in it but was certain that my mother would not.  I was severely conflicted on what to do.  I was pretty confident she would not check the book but also was not the most fond of the idea of fabricating about book to write the report on.

By the time I made my choice it was no longer a conflict. I saw an opportunity to teach my mom a lesson and have her never ask me to write a book report on a book again. I would write the report about the book as asked and not spare any detail... HA! that will teach her not to make me write a report!

In a way it worked, she never did ask for a report again, but as well I think I became even more picky about the books I picked to read.

What I should have picked up from this at the time, and who knows maybe I did, was truth never really hurts. We may think it will, but really anytime it is truly spoken it grows all those in contact with it.  Growth can hurt, but it is essential to move forward properly.

Even when the truth could have grounded me and taken things away, all it really did was break a stronghold between me and my mother.

Break a stronghold between you and another person! Be honest and see how it really can grow the both of you when your hearts are in the proper place. God wants this kind of relationship between His people. 

Can we stand strong and give it to Him? It really just grows us...so why not?

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