Friday, January 18, 2013

What Melanie taught on tonight ... If you missed out (UNVIELED 01/18/13)

Lesson taught by Mel, notes taken by derk
1 Kings 11
Has there ever been a time in your life God has been specific and you turned your nose up and said "I am doing it my own way"? 
How did that turn out for you?

Do you think that Solomon was doing this due to the fact that he knew that he was going against God's wishes.


How could the wisest man on earth make this HUGE of a mistake???


These wives 'turned his heart' (the very thing that he was warned against)

Where are you willing to compromise in order to keep friends?

One of our answers was MEDIA .. idea is that we see television as ... just television and video games and just a game, but they truly do affect us. Those things that others can find as humorous, but really.. it should not be humorous.

Do we sometimes let our convictions just fall by the wayside because we want to follow the crowd?


God declares punishment to Solomon, but still in it He shows mercy.

How has God shown you mercy even in your disobedience?

It should always be reassuring that our actions do NOT negate the ACTIONS of God! (well said Savy) 


Solomon walked in God's blessings so long.. all the sudden there was serious turmoil

What kind of adversaries have come up in your life when you were disobeying God?

We see the a symbolic tearing of the nations in the tearing of garments 

NOT FOREVER - God shows us hope in this!  The idea of generational curses can really be seen as something that will not last, because God can really break anything like this..the simple answer to it ... obedience 


End of Solomon's reign




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