Saturday, February 2, 2013

Brett & Emily Mills - Never Too Far (Free Music, Review) @BrettandEmily @Noisetrade #gospel

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For Fans of :     Coldplay, Patty Griffin, David Crowder Band

13 Songs

Overall Thoughts:

An almost alternative ... contemporary sound... reminds me a little bit of Nicole Nordeman in sound.. though the message is not always God centered.. sometimes just life in general .. 

Recording Thoughts:

Very Good ... Professional

Stand Outs:

"Wrestling With Belief" - very much one that gives me that reminder of Nicole.. and as well.. a very good and pretty deep song of something we likely all deal with

"Backwards Rescue" - such great vocals!! this one sucked me in! One of my favorites on this album

"God's Child" - very funky and bluesish... very cool electric guitar.. and so much spunk

"Never Too Far" - title track.. I really enjoyed this message.. that it is so easy to fall back to who we were.. and the turn that shows how amazing God is that.. we are "Never Too" anything for God!! We should move forward.. keeping focus on Christ!! Amen!

"Interrupt Me" - very cool desire to be open to the Holy Spirit.. to be ready for the 'interruption' and willing to accept it.. very cool openness we should all truly have!

"Surely Goodness" - a modern singing of this hymn.. very beatiful

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