Monday, February 4, 2013

CRUCIFIX - Till TH NETS R FULL MIXTAPE (Free Music, Review) @_CRUCIFIX @Noisetrade #hiphop #rap

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For Fans of :     Lecrae, Trip Lee, Tedashii, Pro, Casting Crowns

7 Songs

Overall Thoughts:

Rap with God powerful in mind..some is certainly not in English so I have no idea about those parts even through it all it seemed he was talking about Jesus.  This is some pretty rough rap with heavy beats

Recording Thoughts:

Ok ... Semi-Professional

Stand Outs:

"Sloetry" - Less rap as we know it and more just spoken word and even in that it is close to just feeling like someone playing music as someone talks about God

"Behind Enemy Lines" - very cool sounding the way he puts fourth the lyrics..

"The Early Church" - this is a pretty cool song.. about what it says it is about.

"PenteCOST" - again a VERY well put together Bible story... this is very cool pretty slow.. but really the Biblical is right on!

take a listen ... get a download.. and TIP!!! 

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