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FLEURY - Just Lyrix (Free Music, Review) @McFleury561 @bandcamp #rap

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For Fans of :    The Cross Movement, Lecrae, Lamp Mode Recordings, Trip Lee, Evangel

From Bandcamp: 

 "This is my 3rd project!! This was meant for unbelievers or even believers who don't really listen to God-glorifying rap! "

Overall Thoughts:

A pretty good mix of information.. biblical rap.. I cannot exactly see how this pertains more to those that are unbelievers beside the fact that it is not really 'worship' more stories and almost informative sermons.. much like many rap songs out there actually.. but I did enjoy the album!

Recording Thoughts:

Good ... Professional

Individual Songs:
(Rating Scale 1 to 5 - 1 being least - 5 being greatest)

"Just Lyrix" 3 - Very clever lyrics... this really shows his desire to bring forth the message of Christ.. although.. ('I approve this message') got on my nerves.. and that is no real knock against him.. probably more a problem with me.. ha.. 

"Steeple In The Wilderness" 4 - Very cool beat.. sounds kind of western.. I feel like I have heard it before.. it really fits this song well.. 'What's God to a non-believer" .. "Is there a church in the wild"   interesting choosing of formats here.. Christ was temped 'in the wilderness' .. no matter the harm that comes from the 'heathens' love should still and always come from the followers of Christ.

"Beautiful Day" 3 - wow.. crazy start.. to be honest not something I would 'enjoy' listening to often. .but it is real and things that people 'may' deal with.. 3 min mark to end really lays down the meaning.. and the hope 

"Interlude" 2 - interesting tempo... a bit hard to understand.. but .. it is just a interlude

"The Couple" 3 - clever lyrics.. and from what I can tell.. this seems to be kind of a broken relationship... and really about Israel.. although it could be anyone that is not living right.. or 'turning away' from God.. interesting.. but hard to pinpoint the message

"Took The Pain" 5 - A clear message of Christ .. His sacrifice and act to take sin from the world.. "Follow me, be safe, and be free" very cool when he starts speaking as Christ.. wow
"Israel" 5 - AWESOME song that really captures the history of Israel! A MUST listen!

"Outro" 2 - It is an outro.. not much to say.. 

take a listen ... get a download.. and TIP!!! 

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