Wednesday, February 27, 2013

King David The Vessel - Love Letters To Tha Lost (Free Music, Review) @Yieldedman @Noisetrade #rap #gospel

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For Fans of :      Da T.R.U.T.H., LeCrae, Group 1 Crew, Octavia Harris

15 Tracks (Intros and Songs)

Overall Thoughts:

Clear Christian rap.. pretty cool.. reminds me a bit of Kirk Franklin as well...a great importance on Faith and trust in God.. very good all around.. well mixed.. great lyrics.. the intros are like graphic audio of someone writing a letter.. 

Recording Thoughts:

Good ... Professional

Stand Outs:

"Herose" - a great start to an album.. already lifting Christ first off.. really showing the focus and priority

"It's Time" - this beat is a bit odd.. I really don't think I liked it.. it was too choppy for me to enjoy.. later it pans out and is better.. and the message of hope is wonderful!

"Surrender Song" - very smooth.. R&B style.. and you can tell by the title.. this is a song about giving your life to God.. to put control totally in HIS hands instead of your own.. great message!!

"Soul Mate" - in a way this is a taste and see that the Lord is good.. but as well.. it seems to be about trusting in Him to have you find what you are in need of .. ability to love.. as well as the person to love..

"Lonely People" - clever rap lyrics.. I really liked the beat on this one.. easy to enjoy.. and as well a very encouraging song

"A Call For Response" - very cool!  

"On Off" - this was interesting.. an older feel to it.. great message.. strongly showing desire to be closer to God, to not be what is revelation is called 'lukewarm'

take a listen ... get a download.. and TIP!!! 

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