Friday, February 15, 2013

What Peden taught on tonight ... if you missed out! (UNVEILED 02/15/13)

Lesson taught by Peden, notes taken by dErK

1 Kings 12

Revolt of the northern tribes 

We see a political move by Rehoboam trying to make sure that the kingdom stays together..

We also see Jeroboam reenter the kingdom as well

Rehoboam chooses to follow the advice of his friends (the young men) and not that of the older ones.. that would be considered wiser

we reread 1 Kings 11:29-33

We see Israels response to his decision... of course.. they did not like to be threatened with more work

20 - 24

Everyone is ready to fight ... then.. hold on.. God intervenes 


Jeroboam, in fear of his life, builds two golden calves and the people began to worship them 

Interesting how he actively avoided putting Levites in charge of priests 

Thing to Remember ... both leaders here were self serving and did not seem to even consult God at all

The political system became the more dominant motivation instead of God's guidance.. 

Solomon's acceptance of idol worship has burst forth and grown in this time

We easily see that the advice of elders is being history that would be good to remember and avoid making same wrong choices they did in the past as a nation

Have you ever asked advice of someone before? 

Did you listen to the advice that you were given, or ignore it? 

Have you ever done something that was in the past taught to you not to do.. what happened? 
Have you ever been in the wrong and tried to make things be in your favor by manipulating things? 

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