Tuesday, March 19, 2013

3,000 for dErK's 30th!! (Birthday Benefit Concert and Fundraising for Child Evangelism Fellowship Military Ministries) repost & share

 My 30th birthday is April 29th

I understand this may seem a bit early and forward, but let me assure you I actually did pick the number of this 'blurb' idea from my jar just like a I do every week AND this is my 2000th post, I guess 3000 would have been a cleaner number, but that is just not the way it is. Last year, as the day of my birth neared, I envisioned a 'benefit' or sorts for my 30th.  I told my wife and she received the idea quite well.  

Even closer to my date O birth we were walking out of one of my favorite restaurants, a birthday tradition, and I began to explain to my mother what my idea was. She listened in a very understanding way, but as I finished she replied, "Well, you know we won't be doing this then" as she gestured to the wonderful Japanese steak house. Little did she realize it would be true whether or not I did this, because that wonderful restaurant is now closed.

My wife was cool, my mother was cool, the youth pastor said he would be down with some raptastic rapping, another friend would lay down some worship tracks - I was totally ready for this, but there was one problem: 

What would it be for? 

It actually took me a few months time to really focus in on what I felt God was leading me to give to.  I knew I wanted it to be something beneficial to many, and as well for it to be something I could personally feel invested in from the start.  

I am the Children's Pastor in my home church, Lakewood, and love every second I get to work with kids and teach them about Jesus, so it was certainly an avenue open to me for giving.  Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) is an organization which has somehow wormed it's way into my life through a few different venues, most presently a great friend of ours fully working within the ministry as a local missionary.  I knew the goal of this was to be able to reach many kids and I remembered a year or so before when we met with a man working within a 'branch' of the CEF ministry dealing specifically with Military children.  This was it - It may have taken a bit for me to truly see it was it, but ... it was.

I grew up as a military 'brat'.  My Father was in the Air Force my entire childhood, and when he retired they modified his job title to become a Civilian one so he could still work in the same job, but no longer under the 'umbrella' of 'Military', so to speak. Most Military families move a good bit.  Our family moved four times.  Once from Great Falls, Montana to Montgomery, Alabama.  Then from an apartment in Montgomery onto the base housing on Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, then to Gunter AFB in Montgomery, and finally to an off base house my parents bought.  (of course I moved out later, but it is not relevant) Our moves were nothing like what an 'actual' pure bred Military family has to endure.  The reason I mention this is because this branch of CEF specified to putting what is called 'Good News Clubs' into schools, does just that ... but on the Military bases.  

This is a wonderful thing.  I remember church always being a rote thing.  We did it just to do it - it did not really affect or change our lives, and we never really did it with any regularity.  I would like to think if we, my brothers and I, would have come into contact with some kind of Good News Club we would have been more 'interested' in the actual WORD of God, and even been excited about it.  It would have been nice to look back and know of something like that in my past was a guiding light.  My true interactions with 'The Church' did not really happen anywhere but OFF of the base.  I would like to be a part of literally putting The Good News onto the Military bases and giving other children a guiding light as early as possible to our Savior, Jesus Christ! 

There are going to be Two large ways this will happen:

The Concert:

There will be a concert on the 26th of April at my home church, Lakewood Christian Centre.  I have two people have already confirmed they would perform.  $5 admission, free food once you are within, T-shirts designed by my best friend specifically for the benefit will be for sale.  ALL PROCEEDS GO TO CEF Military Ministries.  (There may be more added to this as the date moves closer) 

The Online Fundraiser:

From April 1st to April 30th I will be collecting online donations. Feel free to give as much as you like.  My goal is 3000 ... 30 x 100 ... 100 dollars for every year of my life.  I will gladly pass on more if more is given, but that amount will be up to you!

If you would like to help with anything PLEASE contact me via Facebook, Twitter: openedeyes02, Email: mailderk@gmail.com, or even in person would work

What kind of things might I need?

Willing Workers to donate their time on hand at the event
Christian Music Artists willing to perform as a donation
Food Contributors
I am sure there are things I have not thought about that I will need help with - so questions are welcome! 
Share, Share, Share - The more YOU get this out there - the more successful it will be!! 

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