Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dan Taylor - Excited To Be Here (Free Stand-Up, Review) @dantaylortalks @Noisetrade #comedy #standup

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For Fans of :      Jim Gaffigan, Bill Cosby, Nate Bargatze

9 Tracks (Stand up Comedy)

Overall Thoughts:

I only listened to the bit about his son and soccer.. with a pretty heavy grain of truth in the way parenting feels and I downloaded this without even finishing that track.   He hits some interesting points.. and is quite funny at times, but also.. I did not find some of it to be 'clean' enough for me.  There was one moment of cursing.. and then there were just some riska moments.  Could it totally detrimentally break up your relationship with God?...I seriously I doubt it, there is truth to his statements.. but am I keeping this?.. no.. not really.. I do not listen to comedy very often (my favorite is Brian Reagan).  Comedy is not something I had heard much on Noisetrade.. so .. check this one out .. and decide for yourself.

Recording Thoughts:

OK ... live - amateur 

Stand Outs:

The Knight in shining armor bit was pretty funny..

I look like a baby bit was hilarious

"Nine Minutes" - was a bit riska at times.. I can see where he was coming from.. there was truth to it.. 

'Special Skills" - good call on the parenting.. it really does feel that way (he did curse once in this one) 

take a listen ... get a download.. and TIP!!! 

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