Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Perception Reception (Blurb)

Have you ever been in your car, driving and stopped at a stop light?  
     Yes, I am sure if you have ever been in a car this happened to you.  

Have you ever stopped at a stop light with a car stopping behind you?  
     Of Course, yes... this must have occurred at some point as well

Has the car behind you ever been so close to your back bumper you wanted to exit your car and have words with them?
     This may, or may not have happened in this way BUT... is it not totally annoying?

I know of many times I looked into my rear view mirror and think to myself, and sometimes say to myself something akin to this, "Do you REALLY need to be THAT close to me? - Are you in SUCH  a hurry three inches closer is going to get you where you need to be just that much faster?"

I fume and complain - ever done this? 

Have you ever been driving, listening to the radio, and stopped behind someone finding the radio station did not quite get a good signal at the exact spot you stopped? 
     I am betting you have.

The solution to the problem above is simple - move just an inch or so forward and usually you get a better signal and can rock out to tobyMac again!

BUT hold on ... is this not a double standard? 

I recently 'figured' this out and as soon I safely could, in the parking lot at work, posted a status update saying this:

"I promise you, vehicle that is in front me, I am not moving forward to get closer to you, I just have a bad radio signal and want to better it."

Of course, said person would have no way to see my status update, and as well it was a good five to ten minutes after the incident it cataloged (though my mother did post on it asking why I was typing and driving ... goodness) 

Perception is a tool which can seriously be detrimental to any situation or person.  Even in this simple example we see due to, a non-researched judgment as to why someone is so close behind you turns to anger and resentment, hate. This is totally uncalled for and is a problem with me, I 'get that' - but it actually took having the other perspective for me to 'get that'.  

I have talked about this before, but the logic can come up in so many ways, and with so many different things.  You can have the best and perfect attitude in 1000 things, but the improper perspective in one, without ever even knowing it ... turning you into a terrible and crabby person to be around.  

The biggest thing I can think of at this point in my life is the differing outlooks on salvation.  There are those that look at themselves and see a broken sinner, just barely making it, fully grateful for a Savior who accepts them anyway.  Then you have those who instead look through the telescope from the other end and see the greatness God is placing in them from Christ, believing in the amazing things God will work through them, and the things of hardship He will get them through along the way.

What I find odd about this is the negative aspect each perspective holder can have for the other.  I KNOW I have often been in both places in this analogy, and no matter what - encouragement is the best method to keep me in the proper attitude.  Honestly I feel as if I started the next point in a book review I just wrote:

Much like my Pastor said recently ... "If I did not believe that I could make it though anything. I don't think I could continue in this anymore" .. this is such a wonderful point, but perspective is so very important. Being the 'hero' has nothing to do with our want or need to be one that makes it though something, and I understand what he meant by it.  He was saying that any problem he has faced, Christ has been there and been the guide and the force that brought him through it.  He has faith and trust in that.. It is what gives many of us, including me the drive to move forward.  

This is so true, and as much as it may look odd it incorporates both perspectives.  My Pastor was actually speaking against an outlook stating, 'I am just barely saved' but what I heard was the exact same thing from him, with different perspective.  If you believe you can make it through anything, because of Jesus - guess what... you believe without Him - you are lost, broken, and in the perspective eyes of another ... barely saved.  You both understand where you are is totally dependent upon Christ within you. 

Some of us need to remember the reason we may have felt in the past ... the actual reason we needed to inch up just a tiny bit closer to get a better signal, instead of immediately seeing the terrible, terrible mark against you this person behind us seems to be committing.  Some of us are looking through the telescope wrong for the moment from the side where God has humbly brought them down to the size He needs them to be, in order to make them into the person who will stand strong IN CHRIST and make it through all things brought into their path.  

And just so you do not wonder - I am in total agreement with my Pastor.  He made the best point one could make in this 'perspective argument' by parting with great wisdom.  He talked about how when we get saved we usually start out with a pumped up, powerful Arnold fleshly man, and a skinny, wimpy Pee Wee Herman Spiritual man.   This is the same thing I am talking about here, I just used a telescope instead.  We want to grow the spiritual man, and weaken the fleshly one.  Swapping the powerhouse in our life, to God - completely.  

Do not worry, no matter where you are in this walk - you CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

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