Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Weeping Angels Softball - Don't Blink (Blurb)

 Almost a year ago I wrote about Kyley's interest in softball because her cousin was playing and the horror of her getting hit in the chest with the ball. 

No matter the terribleness such an incident caused, we are playing this year anyway. I say 'we' because by some crazy pull of God's hand I am the 'Manager' or 'Head Coach'. 'We' are in it together.

Kyley had a fear of the ball from our encounter the year before and we really never battled as it grew closer and closer to ball season.

A monster was created and never vanquished! 

As I began to realize how many girls seemed to have a fear of the ball I knew I needed more on my team who would have the gumption to run to a ball, instead of away each time it went near them. 

It was time to slay the beast. 

She and I went out back and threw the ball back and forth. Each time she made the mistake of fearing the ball and tilting her head I would tell her what she was doing wrong. This did not seem to change things, only getting her upset and unwilling to try more. I was at a loss as to how to get across to her the information needed.

How could she understand it was her not looking which was actually getting her hurt? And then it came to me... 

Weeping Angels

This might not mean much to a non Whovian, but to my daughter it was the proper analogy. Weeping Angels are enemies encountered by The Doctor in the BBC series, Doctor Who. They are statues and can only move when they are not being looked at. A common statement used when they are on the show is "Don't blink. Don't even blink. Blink and you're dead."

I look Ky in the eyes and hold up the ball and state' "This is a Weeping Angel, you need to 'not blink' in order to stay alive." She cracks a grin and I move the analogy further by saying, 'Your glove is the Doctor." I throw the ball to her and she gets it in the glove but it falls out.  The analogy grows deeper, "Kyley, the Doctor needs his companions - your other hand, which must be used in order to properly trap the Angel!"

Even though I was telling Kyley exactly what she needed to do in order to properly catch the ball before, she just did not have 'ears to hear'. Jesus had such great analogies and just a way with the crowd. I always want to remember there are times, and they are often, the direct route:

You are doing it wrong!
Do it this way!
When you do it like that you will get hurt! 
Stop doing it that way! 

... seems to get people lost - but starting where they are already:

Oh, you're a farmer ... it's like planting a seed...
Oh, you're a Star Trek fav ... it's like when in episode ...
Oh, you're a Sports fan ... it's like when you are two points down ... 
Oh, you're a Whovian ... it's like the Weeping Angels ... 

... then moving to the point you want them to understand is so much more effective.

Tell a good story today to plant a seed of wisdom in another!

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