Friday, March 22, 2013

What Jeremy taught on tonight ... if you missed out (UNVEILED 03-22-13)

Lesson taught by Jeremy, notes taken by dErK
1 Kings 16
"Not the most bright or cheery.. things going well chapter"  - Jeremy Smith

Conflicts.. assassinations... betrayl

Omri and Ahab .. wow.. bad dudes


Why would you think that for Baasha God would give him the same punishment as Jeroboam  (Same Crime?)


Not all the lines of kings was bloodline order
Zimri .. 7 day reign... murder.. suicide .. so terrible .. Zimri eliminated an evil king but did not do better .. 


Omri ... 'did worse then all before him'  .. a civil war? The possibility of God being a part of the nation was very non-existent because we do not see anyone... not even the contender, Tibni, seemed be 'with God' as it was not mentioned


Ahab  more evil than his father, of course all he knew was how his father was ... committing sins was 'trivial' to him.  There was a bunch that was happening with this king


the influence of a leader has huge implications to the nation

Was there ever a time in your life that you had a hard time refusing someone with influence over you, even when you knew what they were doing was wrong?
 Refusing kings had huge consequences ... they really 'led' the nation into evil.

We really saw in this that they really did not have God be a part of the King making process.

Were prophets maybe not really speaking out? Jehu... but not for long.. a nine to ten year span where there was no mention of a prophet

When God's guidance is not present, things just go bad to worse. We really see this in this chapter

Have you or someone you know had a hard time 'shaking' off a bad habit of a parent?

When you grow up in something all your life, it is going to affect you... even if you don't want it there ... it will be hard to 'shake' off


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