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Zac Fitzsimmons - 3 Albums (Free Music, Review) @zacz177 @Noisetrade #gospel #folkrock

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For Fans of :      David Crowder, Gungor, Bebo Norman, David Gray, Jack Johnson

Overall Thoughts:

Very great sound throughout ... mostly acoustic.. mixed well with the on target vocals ... a rock feel but never very hard.. and the FULL album has some great folk/blues mixture ... I really enjoyed all the songs by this artist

I am adding this to my favorites! 

2 Songs

Recording Thoughts:

Very Good ... Professional

Individual Song Thoughts:

"Opened Up My Heart" - a worship themed song.. with a great beat.. not too rocking but enough to bob your head .. enjoy and just go right into a  lifting of God! 

"We Were Called" - slower.. very melodic.. quite beautiful, message and sound ... let us do as we were called! 

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1 Song

Recording Thoughts:

Very Good ... Professional

Individual Song Thoughts:

"Praise To The Lord, The Almighty" - Great rendition of this song... very smooth... really a wonderful worship spirit! 

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12 Songs

Recording Thoughts:

Very Good ... Professional

Individual Song Thoughts:

"In Overflow" - Very cool, funky, folksy sound... Full and enjoyable .. the vocals are amazing.. and the 'guitar pickin' is sweet.. but.. it seems to cut off at the end.. (mine was 33 seconds long)

"Sam I Am" - Really cool energy and passion.. pretty sweet.. 

"My Worrying Mind" - Funky blues sound... very cool 

"Princess Aubriella" - still good sound... great music.. the message seem quite personal to certain people.. not that has ever stopped a song from being awesome in the past

"Giving Tree" - while this is titled the same as one of my favorite childhood books.. the message is quite deep .. and from what I can tell.. there are more than one ' interpretation ' or better yet.. it is just multiplied as the song goes on... I could see it as the tree that was not to be eaten of.. and really it seems it is one of sin as it falls down.. but I could also see.... a tiny bit with it being Christ.. because it talks about us being the branches.. which was a parable.. or analogy Christ gave ... so.. deep .. and multiple.. 

"Poor Joe" - Good.. simple

"Smile To My Ears" - awesome electric guitar solos.. and even so.. quite relaxing.. 

"Not Meant For Keeping" - Cool piano.. I really liked the style.. a kind of carefree feel.. 

"Only Wonder Understands" - surreal in a way.. very calming.. slow.. folksy for sure .. the message is about 'understanding' of God .. and .. really.. not quite .. actually understanding.. "Cause He's so much bigger than the box I try to put Him in"

"You Are Here" - Beautiful worship like theme... thank God He is there when we are in need.. and really.. all the time! 

"The Time Is Now" - One of the funkist.. more of a rock feel .. but.. not really hard.. just on the cusp .. I did not exactly like it.. until it got to about 1:40 as the music really took hold .. but it flows in and out of this.. really.. an odd song... The message is pretty cool

"My King" - VERY GOOD and sweet tagline ending! 

take a listen ... get a download.. and TIP!!! 

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