Sunday, April 14, 2013

Notes From past Friday night ... if you missed out (UNVEILED 04-12-13)

1 Kings 19 - Savy

Elijah flees Jezebel
V1-2 Ahab told on Elijah. Jezebel called on the same god that didn't show in the previous
What does it take for us to get it?
V3-5 Elijah is afraid and runs....Ps34:4 Ps56:3-4..."fear is a signal to the believer to pray", but
elijah ran. Running can be easier than praying.
Fear vs. Faith: When have you had a high, followed by a low, and ran instead of seeking God?
It is enough- not for us to decide
V6-9 40 days and 40 nights of walking to meet the Lord.
When was a time that God prepared you for a "long journey"? What was at the end of it?
(And here we delve into stories of running and childhood sports)
Horeb-ex3 ex17 ex33 1kings8:9 ps106:19 malachi4:4
V10-13 "what are you doing here?"
Elijah's first response is "me, myself, and I" what he's been through, how he's the only one left.
When have you felt that you stood alone?
(Here we discuss drinking)
Wind, earthquake, fire - Not God. Small voice/whisper - God is there.
God is powerful enough to bring the first three, but the real power is in the quiet closeness of
his presence/voice.
When has God revealed himself to you in an unusual way?
Again, "What are you doing here?"
V14-18 Elijah's response - humble, but still alone.
God's response - there are 7000 that will stand. You will have back-up.
V19-21 elijah annoints elisha and elisha becomes elijah's assistant.
Throwing the mantel - prophetcally marked Elisha as a prophet.
Elisha -and i'll follow you, but first let me say goodbye to my parents. Answered the call
immediately, without question.
When God calls you, do you respond as eagerly?

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