Friday, April 5, 2013

What Abi taught on tonight ... if you missed out! (UNVEILED 04-05-13)

Lesson taught by Abi, notes taken by dErK
1Kings 18 
Remember that last chapter that there was going to be a famine... 
We see here that God sends Elijah back to Ahab to tell him of the return of the rain (no rain for three years)
Obediah has secretly kept many Godly men safe .

Obediah meets Eli in his search for water... Elijah is coming with the message of the return of water....hmmm


All are called to meet on Mt. Carmel

Baal is a god of storms... hmmm.. interesting...


Pick your side!!! 


The terms are set for what God to worship by contest


The prophets of Baal fail miserably.. and Elijah starts some smack talk
this cutting is actually symbolic of Baal's 'god story'


Elijah gets his turn... and totally stacks the odds against him actually having this work.. 


Elijah comes forth and prays actually a quite simple prayer ... and the fire comes down

God burns up EVERYTHING ... this REALLY has to set the truth properly in their minds

All those prophets are then killed


Elijah goes and prays again.. sends out a servant seven times to see the rains come

Other occasions like this Noah... and Even Jonah.. it is good that Elijah had a much more positive and proper attitude.. one looking for judgment.. the other for redemption..
And we also see some amazing running from Elijah...
This is really a moment that we are kind of seeing some really amazing things again from one person.  
Why might this be happening now? 
Ahab being such an evil King.. is a pretty good reason
Have you put a ton of effort in prayer for something, but not really sought God in it? 
Do you find yourself expecting God to move when you have sacrificed all you have? 
Have you confused something that has the 'form' of god to be 'god'?
Are you really living in such a way that God would send fire if you asked Him to?


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