Monday, April 1, 2013

What Mel taught tonight ... If you missed out (UNVEILED 03-29-13)

Lesson taught by mel, notes taken by savy
 1 Kings 17
v 1-4: was it easy for elijah to follow God and trust ravens to care for him?
when have you been in a similar situation and you saw God come through?
v 5-7: and then the brook dries up... ummm... God?
v 8-12: zerephath means refinery. how was God using these experiences to refine Elijahs faith?
the widow probably felt helpless. on top of that, how do you think she felt toward elijah?
do we underestimate God's ability to bless others by allowing them to bless you?

v 13-16: mr bossy pants. :P
they must have been on a mountain top at this point. and then...

v 17-18: when something goes wrong, so we blame ourselves? assume we did something wrong?

v 19-20: elijah doesnt get it either. he seems to blame God for the "tragedy." underestimating God's ability to bless? at that point he leaves the impossible to God, and God answers. 

v 22-23: Elijah doesnt seem to give God the credit here. 

v 24: The woman shows faith in Gods ability to work through him. She recognized God's hand in their lives. 

Even when God leads us to an exhausting place, a dried up place, he always revives the soul.

Elijah is the first positive influence we have read about for weeks. He leaves an encouraging legacy behind him. What kind of legacy do we leave?


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