Friday, May 17, 2013

UPDATE - New Standards and Blog Shifting!

  Oh Snap!
You may have noticed reviews have not been posting on my site as regularly as they have in the past - and for many, this may have been a relief as there were SO MANY review posts.
Most people who come to this site likely believe it to be a Music reviewing site, and some have told me just that. 
I never intended this to be the case, and was never worried much about people thinking it was either.
I will still be writing and posting reviews, but instead of them posting here on my blog, they will be a part of Congruent Culture.  Every Sunday five to 20 reviews will be released over at C|C (we are still working out details on this, but this is the basic plan for now) 
I am going to be leaving everything on this site as is as far as archive, but will be more focused on just posting about family life, kids, being a dad, and all that I actually DID start the blog for... the blurbs as I continue on.  One blurb a week, every Tuesday - and a Trick from my Youtube channel every 15th (unless I run out of ideas by next year :P) and my book reviews will still post here .  The blurbs will be simple pieces.  

My writing for Congruent Culture will be the more deep and thought out writing, so if you have enjoyed that ... go and follow the collective minds that are there (some very AWESOME people who want to share the love of God and how He is affecting their lives!)
 In many ways this is a big change, but as well this is not much of a change.  Reviews will still be prevalent, if you follow me on twitter it will seem like not much has changed, but if you click the review links you will find yourself at C|C instead of 'Just Being Here'. 
Keep moving forward and follow hard after Christ! 



  1. I can't stop laughing at that picture of you. It is hilarious. I want to blow it up into a poster and hang it in my office. Is that weird?